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Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette[1] (/waɪˈnɛt/; born May 5, 1942 – April 6, 1998) was an American country music singer-songwriter and one of country music's best-known artists and biggest-selling female singers. Wynette was called the "First Lady of Country Music", and her best-known song, "Stand by Your Man", is one of the best-selling hit singles by a woman in the history of country music.
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1976: ''’Til I Can Make It on My Own''
1976: ''Golden Ring''
1975: ''I Still Believe in Fairy Tales''
1974: ''Another Lonely Song''
1974: ''Woman to Woman''
1973: ''Kids Say the Darndest Things''
1973: ''Let’s Build a World Together''
1973: ''We’re Gonna Hold On''
1972: ''Bedtime Story''
1972: ''Me and the First Lady''
1972: ''My Man''
1972: ''We Love To Sing About Jesus''
1971: ''We Go Together''
1971: ''We Sure Can Love Each Other''
1970: ''Christmas With Tammy''
1970: ''Tammy's Touch''
1970: ''The First Lady''
1970: ''The Ways to Love a Man''
1969: ''Inspiration''
1968: ''D-I-V-O-R-C-E''
1968: ''Stand by Your Man'' listen full album
1968: ''Take Me To Your World / I Don't Wanna Play House''
1967: ''My Elusive Dreams''
1967: ''Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad''