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The Crystal Method is an American electronic music duo formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990s. With a combination of diverse influences, including punk, hip hop, and electronica, The Crystal Method produces music that encourages to listeners to move their feet and rock out. Throughout their time in the industry, they have continued to push the boundaries of electronic music, creating sounds that can't help but have everyone up on their feet. They've released some real bangers in their time too and proven again and again that they can create something special from all sorts of musical backgrounds and genres. With grand steps forward within each new release, The Crystal Method continuously lifts iconic tracks which best capture their most sought after songs. Their cunning mix of electrifying sounds are enkindled by gracefully impassioned lyrics provide a lifelong dedication towards making audibly exquisite music.
The Crystal Method: Sound, Style & Substance
In the late '90s and early 2000s, The Crystal Method changed the landscape of electronic music and helped define a new subgenre of electronica called Big Beat. Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland formed the duo in Las Vegas in 1993, and since then, they have released several albums and singles, remixed tracks for other artists, and toured worldwide. In this article, we'll explore The Crystal Method's musical biography, genre, best songs, notable concerts, and a critic of their work.
The Crystal Method started their musical career in the underground rave scene of the early '90s. They released their debut album, Vegas, in 1997, which infused electronic music with rock, hip hop, and funk. The standout tracks of the album were Busy Child, Comin' Back, and Keep Hope Alive, which showcased the duo's ability to create hard-hitting beats and catchy hooks. However, their second album, Tweekend, released in 2001, solidified their position as pioneers of the Big Beat sound. The album's lead single, Name of the Game, became an instant classic and received a lot of airplay on MTV, introducing The Crystal Method to mainstream audiences.
The Crystal Method's genre is primarily Big Beat, a subgenre of electronica that features funk and hip hop-influenced beats, loud basslines, and distorted electronic sounds. However, the duo has also experimented with other genres, including progressive house and breaks. They have collaborated with many legendary artists such as Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Filter, and Matisyahu, creating unique tracks that showcase their versatility.
When it comes to the best songs by The Crystal Method, it's hard to pick just a few. However, some of their most iconic tracks include Busy Child, Comin' Back, Name of the Game, Busy Child, Trip Like I Do, and Keep Hope Alive. These songs are timeless classics that still resonate with audiences to this day, reminding us why The Crystal Method is one of the most influential electronic artists of all time.
Some of the most notable concerts of The Crystal Method include their performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2002, which helped cement their popularity among a mainstream audience. They also headlined the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and played at numerous electronic music festivals worldwide. The duo's live performances are known for being high-energy and unforgettable experiences, with Ken and Scott both contributing to the mix, creating a stunning audiovisual show.
A critic of The Crystal Method's work would need to focus on very minor areas. The duo's music is overall highly acclaimed, and their influence can be seen in the work of countless electronic music artists today. They have won numerous awards and have been nominated for Grammys, showcasing the respect that they have for their work in the industry.
In conclusion, The Crystal Method has made an indelible mark on electronic music, creating a sound, style, and substance that has influenced many artists in the genre. Their Big Beat-influenced tracks, hard-hitting beats, and catchy hooks are part of their signature sound, providing us with timeless classics that still sound cutting-edge today. With a live show that cannot be missed, The Crystal Method remains one of the best electronic music acts out there, and their music is sure to provide new and exciting experiences for audiences old and new.
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The Crystal Method: A Musical Biography

Electronic music has been a genre that has taken the world by storm in the past two decades. Amongst the most prominent electronic artists of the last two decades, The Crystal Method is a name that has become synonymous with the genre itself. It is the brainchild of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, two passionate musicians out of Las Vegas, Nevada, who have been at the forefront of the electronic music scene since the mid-'90s. With nine studio albums and scores of singles, the duo has been carving out its space in dance music history. In this article, we delve deep into The Crystal Method, their musical journey, best hits and albums, and artistic influences.

The Crystal Method was formed in 1993 when a small modification shop owner and aspiring DJ, Kirkland met Jordan, a art at a local bar. They started DJing together and gradually developed a form of electronic music that blended breakbeats, guitar samples, and other popularising genres of the times. They gradually honed their sound and built a following which then led to the release of The Crystal Method's debut album Vegas in 1997. It was an album that became iconic, sold millions of copies, and soon the duo were selling out concerts around the world.

The Crystal Method went on to release seven more studio albums after Vegas. Each of these records saw the duo experimenting with their sound while still staying true to their breakbeat roots. Tweekend, released in 2001, was a continuation of the style that was introduced on their debut album. The album fused hip hop beats, rock guitar, and electronic music in a way that was unique to The Crystal Method. The Legion of Boom, released in 2005, was more focused on heavy, almost industrial beats. Divided by Night, released in 2009, saw the duo collaborating with a diverse range of artists, including Peter Hook from New Order and Metric, and was a heady mix of rock and dance music.

The Crystal Method has also produced some of the most iconic electronic songs that have become representative of their style. Keep Hope Alive from their first album Vegas became an anthem of sorts for the Electronic music scene. Born Too Slow, a song from the album Legion of Boom, featured in several movies and was extremely popular in clubs at the time. Trip Like I Do from Vegas was critically acclaimed, and is considered one of their evergreen tracks. Meanwhile, Game Over, a track from their self-titled album, has an almost apocalyptic feel to it.

The Crystal Method's influences stem from a wide range of genres and artists. The duo has been inspired by electronic pioneers such as Kraftwerk, New Order, and Depeche Mode. They have also been inspired by punk rockers like Iggy Pop, and modern industrial metal and even Motown era classic soul. They have an unmatched ability to synthesize their vast range of influences into music that is uniquely their own. They inadvertently became one of the first artists to fuse the rock and electronic music genres. Their music can be high energy, introspective, and everything in between.

The Crystal Method has been an essential player in the world of electronic music. The duo has been avant-garde in their sound, innovators in their songwriting, and trailblazers in their genre. Their music is an ode to different genres and eras, blending them into their sound. From the numerous studio albums and number one hits, The Crystal Method has been a steadfast reminder of the power of musical diversity and passion. Their music has been a beacon for the Electronic industry. Their legacy, much like their music, lives on, and their journey remains a fascinating story of innovation and creativity.
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The Crystal Method: A Critical Look at Their Music

When it comes to the world of music, few artists capture the raw energy and intensity that The Crystal Method bring to their performances. With a mixture of hard-hitting beats and heavy basslines mixed with hypnotic melodies, they have built up an impressive following of loyal fans over the years. But while many critics agree that this is some great music making, there are also plenty who feel its lack of originality holds it back from creating something truly special. So let's take a look at some critiques and appreciations for The Crystal Method - exploring both sides to gain a clearer understanding on where the group stands in today's musical climate.

When it comes to electronic music that gets your heart racing and your feet moving, few artists have the same level of energy and intensity as The Crystal Method. For decades, this duo has been producing hard-hitting beats and heavy basslines mixed with hypnotic melodies that have amassed a devoted following of fans. But like any other popular artist, The Crystal Method has its fair share of critics who argue that their music lacks originality. So, to understand where they stand in today's musical climate, let's take a critical look at The Crystal Method's music.

To begin with, let's look at the numerous positive reviews and appreciations that The Crystal Method has received over the years. Most of the music lovers hail the band's unique style of music that blends various genres, making it groovy, upbeat, and intense at the same time. Their tracks boast a level of production quality that is hard to ignore, with heavy basslines and sharp beats that linger long after listening. Their songs are notorious for getting an entire crowd moving and create some of the most memorable moments in electronic dance music.

On the other end of the spectrum, many critics argue that The Crystal Method has failed to evolve their sound beyond the style of their original releases. Critics point out that the music at times can come across as too formulaic and repetitive. The use of the same sounds and beats in multiple tracks can, at times, make things feel predictable. Critics feel that the band has failed to differentiate itself from other producers of electronic music, bringing nothing new to the genre.

However, the band's defense would be that they don't make music for the sake of being unique or creating music that nobody else has thought of before. Instead, they make music that sounds great to them and appreciate that the audience loves it too. The duo takes influences from numerous genres, which are very apparent in their discography, and has consistently blended fresh elements into their music to keep the soundscape engaging. The band's approach is to keep their foundation solid while experimenting with new sounds and techniques, keeping aficionados engaged.

Moreover, The Crystal Method has been innovating in the realm of electronic music over the years, precisely in the production aspect. It has been very focused on layering, creating multi-textured sounds that enhance the listening experience for a year now. They are keen to experiment with diverse techniques like sampling, synthesis, and hardware to keep their music fresh and continuously evolving. Like every other artist, The Crystal Method has faced criticism, but it is hard to deny their contribution to the electronic dance music genre.

In conclusion, while The Crystal Method may not be the most unique electronic act in the world, it is fair to say their impact in the genre cannot be overlooked. The band has honed their sound over the years; elaborate sound design and the keen attention to detail translate into a pleasurable listening experience. Even though critics fault them for not experimenting enough and sticking to what they know, their fans love them anyway for the unwavering style of music they produce. In the end, there is no right or wrong opinion about The Crystal Method's music. Like every other electronic music artist, they have their style and sound, which will be enjoyed by many and critiqued by some. So, if you are looking for a group that will guarantee an intense musical experience and a night-long party, then The Crystal Method would be an excellent choice.
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1 - Smile
2 - Busy Child
3 - Cherry Twist
4 - Jaded
5 - Name Of The Game
6 - Bad Stone
7 - Keep Hope Alive
8 - Blowout
9 - Roll It Up
10 - Realizer
11 - Weapons Of Mass Distortion
12 - Born Too Slow
13 - High Roller
14 - True Grit
15 - Acetone
16 - Jupiter Shift
17 - Emulator
18 - Trip Like I Do
19 - Vapor Trail
20 - Starting Over
21 - The Winner
22 - PHD
23 - Comin' Back
24 - She's My Pusher
25 - Smile?
26 - I Know It's You
27 - Over The Line
28 - Ready For Action
29 - Broken Glass
30 - Ten Miles Back
31 - Bound Too Long
32 - High And Low
33 - Divided By Night
34 - Tough Guy
35 - Wide Open
36 - Murder
37 - Now Is The Time
38 - Double Down Under
39 - (can't You) Trip Like I Do
40 - The American Way
41 - Drown In The Now
42 - Play For Real (feat. The Heavy) - Dirtyphonics Remix
43 - Over It (feat. Dia Frampton)
44 - Vice
45 - London
46 - Keep Hope Alive (mstrkrft Remix)
2001: Tweekend
1997: Vegas


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