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The Presets

The Presets are an electronic music duo consisting of Australian musicians Julian Hamilton (vocals, keyboards) and Kim Moyes (drums, keyboards). The Presets are an Australian electro duo renowned for their revolutionary electropop melodies and chart topping hits. Combining catchy hooks with a unique style of composed chaos, the two-piece band creates an unparalleled musical experience that gets everyone on their feet. With big hits like My People and Goodbye Kipling, The Presets have established themselves as one of the most daring and influential acts in modern music. Their songs consistently challenge expectations, taking listeners from atmospheric ballads to ear throbbing techno madness in a single track. Whether partying or reflecting, enjoying classic melodies or new era vibes, there's always something special about the music delivered by The Presets.

Recently added songs of The Presets:
My People (d.i.m. Remix)
Down Down Down (midnight Juggernauts Remix)




The Presets: Australia's Iconic Duo Who Continues to Rock the Music Scene

If you've taken a look at the music scene lately, it's clear that there is no shortage of amazing and talented artist who have made their mark on the industry. The Presets are one such group who has been around for over two decades yet continues to make waves among both old and new fans alike. While some may criticize them for not expanding their sound and jumping onto a more current trend in music, others recognize the depth of songwriting prowess they possess when creating meaningful lyrics backed by powerful production elements. From earworms like My People to iconic albums like 'Apocalypso', this Australian duo remains as relevant today as ever before and truly deserves recognition for all their hard work thus far.

Music has the ability to touch people's hearts, connect them to memories, and stir emotions. When it comes to the world of music, every era has produced artists who have left an imprint on the industry. One such duo who has made its mark and still manages to stay relevant is The Presets. With over two decades in the industry, they have managed to keep their fans hooked with their unique sound. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at The Presets and explore why they deserve recognition for their contribution to the music scene.

When The Presets released their debut album, 'Beams,' in 2005, they took the music world by storm. Their unique style of blending electronic music with rock and indie elements earned them a loyal fan base almost instantly. While many critics may label them as a one-trick pony for not diversifying their sound, fans argue that the duo has stayed true to their brand, which is the very essence of their success. Songs like My People, This Boy's In Love, and Talk Like That are testimony to the duo's unmatched ability to infuse catchy hooks with genre-defying elements.

The Presets are known for their ability to put on unforgettable live performances that send their fans into a frenzy. With a reputation of being able to make any room feel like a festival, their shows continue to attract a diverse range of music lovers. They have played at some of the most prestigious festivals, including Coachella, Glastonbury, and Big Day Out. Their performances are a perfect blend of energy, passion, and a unique connection between them and their audience.

What sets The Presets apart from other artists is their ability to create a thematic album that tells a story. Their 2008 release, 'Apocalypso,' is a perfect example of this. The album's tracks follow a post-apocalyptic storyline that captures the imagination of fans while showcasing their musical talents. This Boy's In Love is a standout hit from the album that displays the duo's mastery of crafting unforgettable melodies backed by bold production elements.

The music industry is constantly evolving, and yet The Presets continue to be a force to be reckoned with. In 2018, they released their fourth studio album, 'Hi Viz', which earned critical acclaim and attracted new fans. The album showcases their ability to thrive in an ever-changing music scene with tracks like Do What You Want, 14U+14ME, which exhibit their signature sound that has garnered them a loyal following.

In conclusion, The Presets are an iconic duo who continue to rock the music scene. Their unique sound, unforgettable live performances, and thematic albums set them apart from the rest. Though they may not have diversified their sound to jump on the latest trends, their ability to stay true to their brand is what has made them successful. The Presets continue to inspire and influence the music industry and deserve recognition for their contribution.
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1 - My People
2 - Are You the One
3 - Talk Like That
4 - This Boy's in Love
5 - No Fun
6 - If I Know You
7 - Girl and the Sea
8 - Promises
9 - Fall
10 - Steamworks
11 - Down Down Down
12 - I Go Hard, I Go Home
13 - Kitty In The Middle
14 - Black Background
15 - Kicking And Screaming
16 - A New Sky
17 - Anywhere
18 - Worms
19 - Eucalyptus
20 - Bad Up Your Betterness
21 - Hill Stuck
22 - Yippiyo-ay
23 - Ghosts
24 - Girl (you Chew My Mind Up)
25 - Aeons
26 - Together
27 - Beams
28 - This Boy's In Love (lifelike Remix)
29 - Youth In Trouble
30 - Cookie
31 - It's Cool
32 - Get The Fuck Outta Here
33 - Push
34 - Surrender
35 - Summer Of Love
36 - Lets Go!
37 - Girl And The Sea (cut Copy Remix)
38 - Pretty Little Eyes
39 - A.o.
40 - Waiting For You
41 - Fast Seconds
42 - Fail Epic
43 - Truth And Lies
44 - At A Loss
45 - Martini
46 - Down Down Down (midnight Juggernauts Remix)
47 - My People (d.i.m. Remix)
2018: Hi Viz
2012: Pacifica
2008: Apocalypso
2005: Beams