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The Rubettes

The Rubettes featuring John, Mick, & SteveJohn RichardsonMick ClarkeSteve Etherington The Rubettes featuring Bill HurdBill HurdKen ButlerMartin ClapsonDave HardingChris StainesPast membersSee Personnel section The Rubettes were a British pop group of studio musicians assembled in 1973 by the songwriting team of Wayne Bickerton, then the head of A&R at Polydor Records, and his co-songwriter, Tony Waddington, after their doo-wop and 1950s American pop-influenced songs had been rejected by a number of existing acts.
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''Original Albums 7''
1977: ''Baby I Know''
1976: ''Sign of the Times''
1975: ''Rubettes''
1975: ''We Can Do It''
1974: ''Wear It's At''