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The Shirelles

The Shirelles were an American girl group notable for their rhythm and blues, doo-wop and soul music and gaining popularity in the early 1960s. They consisted of schoolmates Shirley Owens (later Shirley Alston Reeves), Doris Coley (later Doris Kenner-Jackson), Addie "Micki" Harris (later Addie Harris McFadden), and Beverly Lee.
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2009: ''Foolish Little Girl / It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Wo''
2008: ''The Best of the Shirelles''
2008: ''Tonight's the Night / The Shirelles Sing to Trumpe''
1963: ''Foolish Little Girl''
1962: ''Baby It's You''
1962: ''Give A Twist Party''
1961: ''The Shirelles Sing to Trumpets and Strings''
1961: ''Tonight's the Night''