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The Streets

The Streets have crafted some of music's most iconic anthems. They continue to be a fan favorite due to their genre spanning sound and easily recognizable beats. As a band, they invented a new sonictank that propelled British rap out of the ghetto and into the mainstream, who can forget classics such as Fit But You Know It” or Weak Become Heroes”? Listening to their songs it is easy to feel connected and understand Mike Skinner’s creative vision which often leaves listeners hyped up or weeping with emotion. Every song tells a story and keeps you guessing as to what theme Mike is exploring next. Collaborations with fellow stars such as Drake and Elton John shows just how far The Streets have come in pushing new boundaries in hip hop and pop culture, while seamlessly blending different concepts with heavy storytelling all accompanied by slick instrumentals sure to make anyone move their feet.


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The Brilliance and Criticism of The Streets

It's no secret that The Streets have made a huge impact on the music industry. With rafter-shaking beats, rootsy vibes, and thought-provoking bars—The Streets continue to challenge not just their listeners but the status quo of what makes 'good' music. But with all great art comes criticism; while some see The Streets as inspiring renegades of rap culture, others consider them too edgy for mainstream consumption. Nevertheless, an honest dissection of each track reveals plenty of brilliance mixed in with rough edges – ultimately showing that this UK group is infinitely more complicated than their genre would suggest. In this blog post we'll explore both criticisms and praises about the iconic artist: The Streets.

For two decades now, The Streets have been a prominent name in the music industry, renowned for their distinct sound that meshes garage, rap, and grime. With their unique style, balanced arrangements, and bold lyrics, The Streets have had a profound impact on the music scene. However, like all artists of their caliber, The Streets have faced skepticism and criticism from some quarters. So, in this blog post, we will delve into the Brilliance and Criticism of The Streets. Whether you're a die-hard fan or someone curious about this British band, this easy-to-read article will delve into the nitty-gritty that makes The Streets a force to be reckoned with.

To start with, it's undeniable that The Streets bring a rare authenticity to their craft. Mike Skinner, the lead vocalist of The Streets, has a poetic way of expressing his thoughts, something that's evident in every track. His words are raw, relatable, and crafted with a poetic touch that makes them more than just words. Some critics, however, have a different view of Skinner's lyrics, stating that they seem forced and lack the grit that other rappers encapsulate in their music. They argue that although Skinner's words come across as honest and sincere, his delivery fails to make them as impactful as they should be.

Another aspect that makes The Streets stand out is their genre-defying tracks that are hard to confine to any particular style. The amalgamation of garage, grime and rap sets The Streets apart from all other UK-based music artists. Despite this, some critics argue that with such a merger of genres, it's easy for The Streets to get lost in translation, as their music may appear chaotic or scattered. They claim that the lack of a dedicated sound may make it hard for The Streets to secure a spot in mainstream charts.

One thing that stands out in virtually every track from The Streets is their incorrigible authenticity. Their music is devoid of any sugar-coating, and the themes explored in their writing are always relatable to the commonplace person. The Streets paint soundscapes of difficulties in life, relationships, and challenges that come with living in their parts of the world. However, some criticizers see this authenticity as Skinner trying too hard to be truthful, which ultimately limits him lyrically. They point out that while authenticity is essential, there's a fine line between accessible and embarrassingly simple.

The Streets excel at storytelling, which is evident in their songwriting. Their music videos are often cinematic, with narrated voice-overs that not only solidifies the story but also provides an additional layer to their already superb music. The Streets tether their songs to stories of their life, the neighborhoods they grew up in, and the triumph and tragedies they faced. The critics, on the other hand, argue that while The Streets storytelling approach is unique, it often comes across as mundane or, in some cases, downright depressing. They also state that the repetitive use of personal themes can become stale over time.

There is no doubt that The Streets continues to influence modern-day music, and their impact on the UK music industry is undeniable. While some may criticize them for lacking the lyrical prowess of other rappers or succumbing too much to their local accents, others praise them as authentic to their culture. Regardless of the viewpoint one takes, one thing is for sure – The Streets' longevity in the industry is indicative of the fact that their music resonates with people of all walks of life. The Streets will come with their unique blend of garage, grime, and rap, and like a fine wine, only a select few truly appreciate their brilliance and complexity.
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1 - Blinded by the Lights
2 - Dry Your Eyes
3 - Turn the Page
4 - Could Well Be In
5 - Sharp Darts
6 - It's Too Late
7 - Fit But You Know It
8 - Weak Become Heroes
9 - Same Old Thing
10 - Too Much Brandy
11 - The Irony of It All
12 - It Was Supposed to Be So Easy
13 - Geezers Need Excitement
14 - Stay Positive
15 - Don't Mug Yourself
16 - Let's Push Things Forward
17 - It's Too Late
18 - Has It Come To This?
19 - Get Out Of My House
20 - Who Dares Wins
21 - Such A Twat
22 - Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
23 - Not Addicted
24 - What Is He Thinking?
25 - Who Got The Funk?
26 - Empty Cans
27 - Never Went To Church
28 - When You Wasn't Famous
29 - Everything Is Borrowed
30 - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living
31 - Heaven For The Weather
32 - War Of The Sexes
33 - All Goes Out The Window
34 - Memento Mori
35 - On The Flip Of A Coin
36 - The Escapist
37 - On The Edge Of A Cliff
38 - Hotel Expressionism
39 - Two Nations
40 - Fake Streets Hats
41 - Never Give In
42 - The Way Of The Dodo
43 - I Love You More (than You Like Me)
44 - Going Through Hell
45 - Call My Phone Thinking I'm Doing Nothing Better
46 - The Sherry End
47 - Alleged Legends


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