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The Zombies

The Zombies are an English rock band, formed in 1962 in St Albans and led by Rod Argent (piano, organ and vocals) and Colin Blunstone (vocals). Zombies are well known for their iconic music. Those familiar with their songs know that the zombies have changed the landscape of the alternative music scene since the mid 1960s. Their entrancing guitar riffs and dramatic lyrics quickly shot them to fame, where they experienced stays on countless Billboard Charts and their renowned albums earned various awards. From She's Not There to Time Of The Season, fans continue to tune in and find solace within classic Zombie tunes. Even newer tracks manage to evoke a similar feeling of nostalgia among millions even today, being described as raw, vivid embodiments of emotion by many. For those lacking familiarity, taking a dive into zombie origin may present its own rewards.


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Exploring the Good and Bad Aspects of The Zombies’ Musical Legacy

No matter what decade you call your own- the 60's, the 70's or now in 2020- it is hard not to feel nostalgic when The Zombies' classic music hits our ears. Their dreamy psychedelia transports us back to a time of free love and radical experimentation on so many levels. However, despite their enamoring melodies, there are some critiques which can be made of this iconic band from 1960’s England who wrote chart topping songs such as ‘She’s Not There’ and ‘Time Of The Season.' Let's explore both the good and bad aspects of The Zombies musical legacy!

Music has the ability to transport us back in time, to a place of nostalgia and fondness for a different era. Few bands have captured the essence of their time as well as The Zombies in the 1960s. Their music, filled with dreamy psychedelia, free love, and radical experimentation, still enchants listeners to this day. However, like any group of artists, there are critiques to be made about their work. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the good and bad aspects of The Zombies’ musical legacy.

First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge the sheer brilliance of the musical arrangements in many of The Zombies’ songs. Their use of unconventional instruments and complex chord progressions set them apart from their peers. “She’s Not There” for example, utilizes a driving bass line and jazzy piano chords to create an infectious groove that still gets feet tapping today. Even more so, “Time of the Season” with its use of reverse audio and lush harmonies gave them a unique edge in the music scene.

However, The Zombies were not always the most consistent of bands. They tended to have a few standout songs on each album, but the rest fell flat. This inconsistency may have hurt their commercial success in their time, but it allowed for experimentation and gave them a true artist identity that stuck with them into the present day. Although this may be seen as criticism, it’s important to note that their willingness to experiment allowed for the creation of their unique sound.

Another aspect of The Zombies' legacy is their infusion of R&B and jazz influences into their work. Rod Argent, the band’s lead pianist, was heavily influenced by jazz greats such as Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk and that inspiration is evident in the band’s music. This influence, paired with vocalist Colin Blunstone’s soulful delivery, helped create a sound that was truly their own.

However, the band’s lyrics, while poetic at times, can also be criticized for being somewhat nonsensical or lacking true depth. For example, in “She’s Not There,” the lyrics “Well, let me tell you 'bout the way she looked; The way she'd act and the color of her hair; Her voice was soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright; But she's not there” don't seem to have a clear message or meaning. While The Zombies’ music can be enjoyed purely for the sound, the lyrics don’t always add much to the experience.

Finally, it’s important to note the longevity that The Zombies have enjoyed as a band. Their influence can be heard in contemporary indie rock bands such as The Shins and Fleet Foxes, and their music has even been featured in popular TV shows and movies like Mad Men and The Conjuring. The fact that their music still stands up today, over fifty years later, is a testament to their talent and their place in music history.

Overall, The Zombies’ musical legacy is one that is both impressive and, at times, flawed. Their experimentation and willingness to push boundaries allowed them to create a truly unique sound that still stands up today. While their lyrics can sometimes be criticized for being nonsensical, their use of unconventional instruments and chord progressions set them apart from their peers and helped pave the way for future indie rock bands. For anybody looking to dive into some classic psychedelic rock, The Zombies are a must-listen.
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1 - You Make Me Feel Good
2 - Maybe After He's Gone
3 - She's Not There
4 - I'll Call You Mine
5 - The Way I Feel Inside
6 - Changes
7 - Time of the Season
8 - Care of Cell 44
9 - This Will Be Our Year
10 - A Rose for Emily
11 - Beechwood Park
12 - I Want Her She Wants Me
13 - Brief Candles
14 - Hung Up on a Dream
15 - Friends of Mine
16 - Tell Her No
17 - Summertime
18 - She's Not There
19 - Time Of The Season (mono Version)
20 - Maybe After He's Gone
21 - Time Of The Season - Mono Version
22 - Can't Nobody Love You
23 - What More Can I Do
24 - Leave Me Be
25 - Butcher's Tale (western Front 1914)
26 - Woman
27 - I Love You
28 - Beechwood Park (mono Version)
29 - Whenever You're Ready
30 - I Remember When I Loved Her
31 - I Don't Want To Know
32 - I Can't Make Up My Mind
33 - Sticks And Stones
34 - It's Alright With Me
35 - She's Coming Home
36 - Imagine The Swan
37 - Sometimes
38 - Road Runner
39 - Is This The Dream
40 - Just Out Of Reach
41 - I Got My Mojo Working
42 - I Want You Back Again
43 - Nothing's Changed
44 - Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
45 - Maybe After He's Gone (mono Version)
46 - Conversation Off Floral Street
47 - I Must Move
48 - Remember You
49 - Kind Of Girl
50 - Don't Cry For Me
51 - Hung Up On A Dream (mono Version)
52 - She Does Everything For Me
53 - How We Were Before
54 - Dropped, Reeling And Stupid
55 - Merry-go-round
56 - Got To Move On


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Palace of Fine Arts
SF Bay Area, US
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