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Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Mafia is an American hip hop group from Memphis, Tennessee formed in 1991. Their music has been variously described as Southern hip hop, Crunk, hardcore hip hop, horrorcore and gangsta rap. The group released their debut album Mystic Stylez in 1995 through Prophet Entertainment, a record label they co-created but later relinquished control of in favor of a new label that they also created but had full ownership and control of, Hypnotize Minds.
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2008: ''Last 2 Walk''
2005: ''Most Known Unknown''
2003: ''Da Unbreakables'' listen full album
2000: ''3-6 Feet Underground (The Unreleased Demon)''
2000: ''Memphis Instrumentals, Volume 1''
2000: ''Memphis Instrumentals, Volume 2''
2000: ''We Never Sleep, Volume 2''
2000: ''When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1''
1997: ''Chapter 2: World Domination''
1997: ''The End'' listen full album
1995: ''Mystic Stylez''
1994: ''Smoked Out, Loced Out''
''We Never Sleep, Volume 1''