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Tim Hardin

James Timothy Hardin (December 23, 1941 – December 29, 1980)[1] was an American folk musician and composer. He wrote the Top 40 hit "If I Were a Carpenter", covered by, among others, Bobby Darin, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, The Four Tops, Robert Plant, Small Faces, Johnny Rivers, and Bert Jansch; his song "Reason to Believe" has also been covered by many artists, notably Rod Stewart (who had a chart hit with the song), Neil Young, and The Carpenters.
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2000: ''Suite for Susan Moore and Damion: We Are - One, On''
1974: ''Nine''
1967: ''This Is Tim Hardin''
1967: ''Tim Hardin 2''
1966: ''Tim Hardin 1''
''Bird on a Wire''