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Trumans Water

Trumans Water are an American indie rock band, hailing from San Diego, California. They have released over a dozen albums over their career, on which they collaborated with acts in genre, including Azalia Snail, Chan Marshall and Thurston Moore.
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Last songs aggiornate a Agosto 2022
Large Organs
Deep Grub Yonder
No Big (wave) Star


Le migliori canzoni di Trumans Water - la classifica dei top 10 brani dell'artista

1. - Death to Dead Things
2. - All Wet West of Washington
3. - Aroma of Gina Arnold
4. - Long End of a Firearm
5. - Good Blood After Bad
6. - Limbs
7. - Speeds Exceeding
8. - Rations
9. - Sucker Mystique
10. - We Fish
2010: ''O Zeta Zunis''
1998: ''Fragments of a Lucky Break''
1993: ''Godspeed the Punchline''
1993: ''Godspeed the Static''
1993: ''Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox and Ass''
''Godspeed the Vortex''