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Turnstile is an American hardcore punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2010. They have released five EPs[2] and three studio albums.[3][4] The band's third album Glow On was released in 2021 to critical and commercial success; the songs "Holiday" and "Blackout" earned the band three nominations at the 65th Grammy Awards.
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Turnstile: A Musical Biography

If you’re into music, then you’ve definitely heard of Turnstile. This band has been taking the punk and hardcore scene by storm since 2010, and their unique style has caught the attention of fans across the globe. But who is Turnstile? What’s their story? In this article, we’ll delve into the musical biography of Turnstile – from their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs. We’ll also take a look at their musical style and influences. So, let’s get started!

Turnstile was formed in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2010. The band consists of Brendan Yates (vocals), Franz Lyons (bass), Brady Ebert (guitar), Pat McCrory (guitar), and Daniel Fang (drums). They were influenced by legendary punk and hardcore bands like Bad Brains, Gorilla Biscuits, and Judge. But they also drew inspiration from other genres such as funk, metal, and hip hop. This unique blend of punk and other genres created a new sound that defined Turnstile.

In 2013, Turnstile released their debut album, Nonstop Feeling. It was a hit with fans and critically acclaimed. The album showcased their unique style and energy that has become synonymous with their live performances. Songs like Fazed Out and Blue By You quickly became fan favorites and established Turnstile as one of the most exciting new bands in punk and hardcore.

In 2018, Turnstile released their second album, Time & Space. The album was produced by Will Yip, who has worked with other punk and hardcore bands such as Circa Survive and Title Fight. Time & Space was a departure from their first album, blending more genres, including funk and hip hop, into their unique style. The album was well-received by critics, and songs like Real Thing and Generator showcased the band's continued growth and evolution.

One of the defining aspects of Turnstile is their live shows. Their high-energy performances have become the stuff of legend. Fans describe their shows as chaotic, with crowdsurfing, mosh pits, and stage dives all part of the experience. Turnstile’s shows are a celebration of punk and hardcore and offer a sense of community and belonging that has become rare in music today.

Turnstile's musical biography is a story of growth, evolution, and energy. Their unique blend of punk and other genres has created a new sound that has caught the attention of fans worldwide. Their live shows are legendary and have helped to define their music and energy. Whether you're a punk and hardcore fan or not, Turnstile is a band that you should definitely check out – their music and live shows are not to be missed!
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1 - Real Thing
2 - Gravity
3 - Generator
4 - Drop
5 - Fazed Out
6 - I Don't Wanna Be Blind
7 - Moon
8 - Can't Deny It
9 - Big Smile
10 - Death Grip
11 - Bad Wave
12 - Keep It Moving
13 - Bleach Temple
14 - Out Of Rage
15 - High Pressure
16 - Canned Heat
17 - 7
18 - Bring It Back
19 - Addicted
20 - Love Lasso
21 - Stress
22 - (lost Another) Piece Of My World
23 - The Dream
24 - New Rules
25 - The Things You Do
26 - Right To Be
27 - Pressure To Succeed
28 - Better Way
29 - Come Back For More/h.o.y.
30 - Heavy Hand
31 - Snaked
32 - Disco
33 - Harder On You
34 - Fuck Me Blind
35 - Move Thru Me
36 - Figure It Out
37 - I Wanna Be Blind
38 - Come Back For More
39 - Yes I Need My Generator
40 - Step To Rhythm
41 - The Real Thing
42 - Pushing Me Away
43 - Time + Space
44 - Can't Get Away
45 - Blue By You
46 - Mystery
47 - Holiday
2021: Glow On