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Tuxedomoon is an experimental, post-punk, new wave band from San Francisco, California, United States. The band formed in the late 1970s at the beginning of the punk rock movement. Pulling influence from punk and electronic music, the group, originally consisting of Steven Brown (born Steven Allan Brown on August 23, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois) and Blaine L.
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2014: ''Pink Narcissus''
2007: ''77o7 Tm''
2007: ''Vapour Trails''
2004: ''Cabin in the Sky''
1997: ''Joeboy in Mexico''
1990: ''The Ghost Sonata''
1987: ''Desire / No Tears''
1987: ''You''
1986: ''Ship of Fools''
1986: ''Suite en Sous-Sol / Time to Lose - Blind / Short S''
1985: ''Half-Mute / Scream With a View''
1985: ''Holy Wars''
1982: ''Divine''
1982: ''Suite en sous-sol''
1981: ''Desire''
1980: ''Half-Mute'' listen full album