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Ulver (Norwegian for "wolves") are a Norwegian experimental musical collective founded in 1993, by vocalist Kristoffer Rygg. Their early works, such as debut album Bergtatt, were categorised as folklore-influenced black metal, but the band has since evolved a fluid and increasingly eclectic musical style, blending genres such as experimental rock, electronica, ambient, trip hop, symphonic and chamber traditions, noise, progressive and experimental music into their oeuvre.
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1994: ''Bergtatt: Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler''
1996: ''Kveldssanger'' listen full album
1997: ''Nattens Madrigal: Aatte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden''
1998: ''Themes From William Blake’s The Marriage Of Heaven''
2000: ''Perdition City: Music To An Interior Film''
2005: ''Blood Inside'' listen full album
2007: ''Shadows Of The Sun''
2011: ''Wars Of The Roses'' listen full album
2012: ''Childhood’s End: Lost & Found From The Age Of Aqua''
2013: ''Messe I.x–vi.x''
2014: ''Terrestrials''