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Woodkid is an incredibly talented producer and songwriter, gifted at building powerful musical pieces with a unique flow. His most notable release is The Golden Age, captivating listeners since 2013. Highlight tracks in this acclaimed album include Iron and Run Boy Run, featuring exciting keyboard melodies and intense drum lines that resonate through the music. Woodkid has more recent hits as well; accumulating an immense amount of love with releases such as Goliath and Sh ballparkkndleight of Dorian, displaying chilling emotions immediately felt within his sound. Overall, Woodkid's discography counts nearly 150 songs that remain impossible to forget after listening for the first time.



Woodkid: Life, Music, and Inspiration

Music is a universal language that can touch and inspire us on a deeper level. It speaks to our souls and can express our most profound emotions. And when it comes to music that is capable of doing this, a name that comes to mind is Woodkid. This post will explore the musical biography of Woodkid, a French singer-songwriter, and director. We will take a deep dive into his beginnings, most famous albums, and famous songs. Also, we will look at the musical style and influences that shaped his music.


Yoann Lemoine was born on March 16, 1983, in Lyon, France. From a young age, he was exposed to various art forms, including music, painting, and film. Lemoine began his career in the music industry as a music video director. He had created videos for notable artists such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Rey. In 2011, he decided to move from the world of directing to make his own music under the name Woodkid. He released his first EP, Iron, in 2011, which became a hit in France.

Musical Style and influences

Woodkid's musical style is known for its cinematic and orchestral sound. He blends pop, rock, and classical music to create a unique sonic experience. He also credits classical composers such as Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy as influences on his music. Lemoine also admits to drawing inspiration from artists such as David Bowie, Radiohead, and Björk.

Most Famous Albums

Woodkid's debut album, The Golden Age, was released in 2013. The album was a critical success, debuting at number two on the French music charts. The album also received critical acclaim globally. It contains songs such as Iron, Run Boy Run, and I Love You. In 2016, Woodkid released his second album, Desierto, which contains the hit song, Land of All. Woodkid has also contributed music to film scores. He wrote the score for the film Desierto and collaborated with Hans Zimmer on the score for The Golden Compass.

Famous Songs

Iron is one of Woodkid's most famous songs. It was his debut single and was a commercial success all over Europe. The song's powerful sound and epic music video helped make it a hit. Run Boy Run is another famous Woodkid song. It was nominated for Best Music Video at the 56th Grammy Awards. The track Land of All from the album Desierto is another popular track that showcases Woodkid's cinematic style.

Woodkid has established himself as a musical artist with a unique sound and style. His music is known for its cinematic quality, blending pop, rock, and classical music into an orchestral sound. He has produced many successful and popular songs while contributing to film scores. Overall, Woodkid's music speaks to the human experience, exploring themes such as human relationships, love, and self-discovery. Woodkid's music is available on multiple platforms, making it accessible to all who want to experience his unique sound.
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The Controversy Surrounding Woodkid: An Honest Look at Both Sides

The French singer-songwriter, Woodkid, has long been a source of musical controversy. With over 80 million video views and millions of fans in his corner, it's no surprise that opinions on the artist run the gamut. For every passionate fan who loves his layered lyrics and unique style, there is a critic questioning his artistic integrity. But what does all this mean for Woodkid? Whether or not you love him or think he's a sellout doesn't matter—the truth is that he can’t be ignored anymore. Let’s take an honest look at both sides – we’ll explore what steps have earned him success and examine how his critics feel about this very diverged pop star!

Woodkid, the French singer-songwriter, has taken the music world by storm with his unique blend of pop and orchestral elements. With millions of fans around the world and over 80 million video views, it's clear that he's made an impact. However, for as many fans as he has, there are just as many critics questioning his artistic integrity. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at both sides of the Woodkid controversy and try to uncover what has led to his success and the criticisms against him.

One of the main draws of Woodkid's music is his use of orchestral instrumentation. By combining traditional orchestration with modern pop elements, he is able to create a sound that is both unique and appealing to a wide audience. However, some critics have argued that this is just a gimmick, and that the orchestration is simply a way to mask his lack of musical talent. While it's true that not everyone is a fan of his style, it's hard to deny that Woodkid has a distinct sound that sets him apart from other artists in the same genre.

Another point of contention for Woodkid is his visual aesthetic. His music videos are often grandiose and elaborately produced, incorporating elements of dance, theater, and film. While some fans see this as a reflection of the emotional depth of his music, critics often view it as an attempt to compensate for a lack of substance in his songs. However, it's hard to ignore the fact that his music videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube, indicating that there is an audience that appreciates this aspect of his work.

One area where Woodkid's critics may have a valid point is in regards to his lyrics. While his music is undeniably emotional and compelling, some have criticized his lyrics as being clichéd or overly simplistic. However, it's worth noting that he has been praised by many for his ability to weave complex meanings into his songs, often tackling issues of identity, belonging, and mortality. Whether or not one agrees with his overall message, it's hard to deny that Woodkid is a thoughtful and introspective artist.

Ultimately, the Woodkid controversy will likely continue to rage on for years to come. While some see him as a talented and innovative artist, others view him as a sellout or a gimmick. However, when it comes down to it, his success speaks for itself. With millions of devoted fans around the world, it's clear that there is something about his music that resonates with people. Whether you love him or hate him, it's hard to deny that Woodkid is a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

In conclusion, the French singer-songwriter Woodkid has long been a source of controversy in the music world. With his unique blend of pop and orchestral elements, elaborate music videos, and introspective lyrics, he has both passionate fans and vocal critics. While it's impossible to say definitively whether or not he deserves the praise he's received, it's clear that he has had a profound impact on the music industry. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a skeptic, there's no denying that Woodkid is an artist worth paying attention to.
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1 - Brooklyn
2 - The Golden Age
3 - Iron
4 - Run Boy Run
5 - I Love You
6 - The Great Escape
7 - Ghost Lights
8 - Boat Song
9 - The Shore
10 - Conquest of Spaces
11 - Wasteland
12 - Shadows
13 - Stabat Mater
14 - Falling
15 - Where I Live
16 - The Other Side
17 - Baltimore's Fireflies
18 - Goliath
19 - Winter Morning I
20 - Iron (remix By Mystery Jets)
21 - Land Of All
22 - Iron (remix By Gucci Vump)
23 - Never Let You Down - From The "insurgent" Soundtrack
24 - Pale Yellow
25 - L'aérogramme De Los Angeles
26 - Horizons Into Battlegrounds
27 - In Your Likeness
28 - Volcano
29 - Towers
30 - Iron - Mystery Jets Remix
31 - Iron (gucci Vamp Remix)
32 - The Deer
33 - Highway 27
34 - Enemy
35 - I Love You (brodinski Remix)
36 - Reactor
37 - I Love You (booka Shade Remix)
38 - Pale Yellow - A Colors Show
39 - Drawn To You
40 - Shift
41 - So Handsome Hello
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