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annalisa balestrieri

I'm a writer, I have dealt with communication in the field of music, fascinated and intrigued by the relationship that binds musicians to their audience. The charisma of an artist amplified by the charm of a stage, the love of fans for what the idol embodies. The power of music, of songs, the energy that is released and that invades the mind triggering reactions that can change our behavior and reveal much of our personality. This fascinates me and I this is what I like to write about

Music as a source of emotions
Do you know what our emotional sphere is? Everything about our emotions. Positive or negative sensations, linked to stimuli, experiences and memories...read more
Tag: love songs, emotions, memories, sensations
Concepts for alternative music. How our relationship with music changes: a leap into the future with Mico Agirò
Let’s start from a consideration: remaining only in recent years, we have passed from a real revolution that replaced the physical medium, think of the CD, with digital support, such as listening offered by streaming platforms. What motivates and involves this change? The evolution of technology allows us to listen to music differently and the aspects that are winning in the change are basically two: the convenience of being able to listen to what we want at any time and the economic aspect...read more
Tag: alternative music, spotify, deezer. evolution
Meditation music. The universal value of music
That music is a universal language, capable of reaching everyone beyond linguistic, social or cultural barriers, is well known. But its universal value has also been scientifically proven by a recent research from Barkeley University, California...read more
Tag: meditation music, relax, universal music, yoga
Music and sport, a winning combination
Can’t live without listening to music and enjoy playing sports? You’re on your way to great performance! Just to give a few examples, Marcell Jacobs is said to have reached the roof of the world training on the Italian rap music of Sfera Ebbasta, while Cristiano Ronaldo would have a passion for the pop of Oasis and Roll With It It would be one of his favorite training soundtracks. nfatti è provato che ascoltare musica durante gli allenamenti consente di avere una marcia in più...read more
Tag: bodypump playlist, sport music, spinning, bpm, time
Songs as a form of social redemption. We talk with Mico Argirò
Music is entertainment but not only. It also has a strong social and communicative power...read more
Tag: rap music, redemption, gangs, rap world
Is rock art or not?
We are all wondering, after a sacred monster of classical music as violinist Uto Ughi called Maneskin "an insult to art and culture". Of course there were those who immediately sided with the Italian band which is having so much success in the last two years, branding the statement as snob and pretentious and stating that rock (if done well) is art...read more
Tag: rock songs, rock and art, maneskin, mainstream music
Let's increase our self-esteem by listening to music! A neo soul experience.
New year, time for resolutions. Working on our self-esteem can be a good starting point, and the chances of success increase considerably if we are helped by listening to a song!It has been shown that listening to a song that conveys a positive message has the power to positively influence our mood by helping us to see reality more optimistically and helping to lower our stress level to improve opinion that we have of ourselves...read more
Tag: neo soul self-esteem, empathy, relationships
Sad songs improve mood
Okay, let’s face it, even to the most optimistic, exuberant, shining among us happen to have bad days. Those days when our mood translates into seeing everything dyed black...read more
Tag: sad songs, goodbye, blue mood, elton john
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