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Artist: Behemoth Album: Evangelion

Year: 2009
Duration: 49:25

A of the Album: Evangelion by Behemoth

Behemoth is a Polish extreme metal band founded in 1991 with an immense influence in the black metal and death metal genre. Evangelion is one of their top albums, released in 2009, with its blend of black metal and symphonic metal. This article will take a of Evangelion, the music artist, and give an overview of the music genre. We will also discuss the best songs of the album, the most innovative parts of it, and give our opinion on the album. If you are a music lover, especially a lover of the metal genre, then this is one piece you don't want to miss.
The music genre of Evangelion is a blend of black metal and symphonic metal, hallmarks of Behemoth's music. Bringing melodic and intricate riffing together with choir and orchestra vocals was a massive task, but the production and mixing of it all came flawlessly. It is impossible to listen to the album without tapping your feet, headbanging, or feeling the energy.
Evangelion has a running time of roughly 44 minutes, with 9 tracks on the album. The album leads with “Daimonos,” and Maveth, providing an epic start to the album. The best part of the album was the contrast of the blast beat and the guitar. My favorite song, Alas, Lord Is Upon Me, showcased the pure energy the album had to offer.
Throughout the album, it is evident that Behemoth took a step further in their music, adding sophisticated arrangements of the guitars, drums, and vocals. The choir and orchestra in the background complement the vocals of Nergal, creating a thunderous sound that speaks to the listener's soul. It is a well-orchestrated chaos that paints a picture of doom and darkness that is commonly associated with Behemoth.
The most innovative part of the album is how Behemoth used elements of black metal and merged it with different music styles to create a unique sound. The guitar riffs, the blasting drums, the harsh vocals blend seamlessly with the choir vocals, and the symphonic instruments to create an intense and powerful sound. One can say that Evangelion epitomizes the essence of Behemoth musically.
In conclusion, Evangelion is a remarkably well-executed album with intense and powerful music that is typical of Behemoth's style. The album is a showcase of the band's growth and evolution in their music style while keeping their core in extreme metal. If you are a fan of Behemoth, black metal, and symphonic metal, then make sure not to miss this album. We believe that Evangelion is a masterpiece in Behemoth's discography and is one album you don't want to ignore.
In essence, Behemoth's Evangelion is a testament to the band's versatility and creativity in their music. It is far from being a perfect album, but it is worth every penny spent on it. We've discussed how we felt about the album, the artist, their genre, and the most innovative parts of the album. We hope our review has given you more insights into the music of Behemoth and what to expect from the album Evangelion. In conclusion, if you like intense music that stands out from the crowd, then this Behemoth album deserves a listen.