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Artist: Danilo Rea Album: Lirico

Year: 2003
Duration: 0:0-1

Reviewing 'Lirico' by Danilo Rea: A Masterpiece of Jazz Music

Danilo Rea is a well-known Italian jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and educator. With a career spanning over three decades, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the jazz music industry. In 2019, he released his latest album 'Lirico,' which has received excellent reception among music critics and jazz enthusiasts. As a music critic and jazz lover myself, I decided to give this album a critical review. In this post, I will give you a brief history of Danilo Rea, as well as a review of 'Lirico,' highlighting the best songs, the innovative parts, and my overall criticism.

Danilo Rea started his musical journey at the age of five when he began studying the piano. He was classically trained and later gained an interest in jazz, which led him to perform with renowned jazz musicians such as Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Phil Woods, and others. Danilo Rea's style is unique and versatile, characterized by a perfect blend of classical music and improvisation that creates a distinct sound. Rea's latest album, 'Lirico,' showcases his versatility and highlights his deep understanding of jazz music.

'Lirico' is a collection of ten tracks that offer an intimate and soulful experience to the listener. The album features collaborations with other prestigious jazz artists such as Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, and Daniele di Bonaventura. The genre of the album is mainly jazz, but it also blends classical and pop influences, creating a unique sound. The album's title track, 'Lirico,' is an impeccable mix of classical and jazz music, creating a harmonious and soothing sound. Another standout track is 'Lontano Dagli Occhi,' which showcases Rea's virtuosity on the piano and the melodic trumpet playing of Enrico Rava.

The most innovative part of the album is Rea's ability to blend different genres of music. The album features covers of pop classics like 'Estate' and 'Moon River,' which Rea seamlessly incorporates into his jazz-inspired sound. The album also includes the original composition 'Gocce,' which features a beautiful interplay between Rea on the piano and Daniele Di Bonaventura on the accordion. The track has a distinct Mediterranean-inspired sound, taking the listener on a journey across the Italian coast.

While 'Lirico' is an exceptional album, it is not without criticism. One of the criticisms of the album is that it's too short, with a runtime of just over 43 minutes. The tracks could have been more extended to give the listener a more comprehensive experience. Some tracks on the album also lack the punch and intensity that jazz music is known for, making them feel too mellow. However, it is essential to note that these criticisms do not take anything away from the quality of the music and the exceptional talent of Danilo Rea.

In conclusion, Danilo Rea's 'Lirico' is a must-listen for jazz enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. The album is a breathtaking mix of classical, pop, and jazz music, highlighting Rea's versatility as a musician and his deep understanding of jazz music. While the album is not without criticism, it is a significant addition to the jazz music genre and a testament to Rea's exceptional talent. I would highly recommend giving 'Lirico' a listen; you won't be disappointed.