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Artist: Freestylers Album: Raw as Fuck

Year: 2004
Duration: 1:09:12

A Raw as Fuck Review of Freestylers: An Album Worth Checking Out!

Freestylers is a music group from London, England, that started making waves in the electronic music scene during the 90s. They first gained popularity with their unique fusion of breakbeat, jungle, dub, and hip hop, and they have continued to innovate since then. In this blog, we'll be looking at their album titled Raw as Fuck, released in 2004, which is a perfect mix of their signature sounds and styles with some fresh insights. This album had a tremendous impact on the music industry, and we'll be exploring everything that makes it so significant in this critical review.

Raw as Fuck is a powerful album that blends funk, soul, and electro-house. The duo behind Freestylers, Aston Harvey and Matt Cantor, have put their hearts and souls into making this album. It is an ode to the roots of electronic music, and it showcases their ability to keep things fresh by blending unlikely genres. The album starts with Get Down Massive, a high-energy track that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album.

One of the album's best tracks is Painkiller, featuring vocals by the legendary Tenor Fly, who unfortunately passed away in 2016. The track is an energetic number that mixes dub, breakbeat, and ragga into a unique blend that captures the essence of Freestylers' style. Another standout track is Boom Blast, featuring MC Navigator. The track is a perfect example of Freestylers' ability to blend old and new sounds, as they incorporate funk and electro-house into the track's foundation.

Raw as Fuck is the perfect album for anyone looking to experience Freestylers' signature sound. It is innovative, energetic, and raw, with a unique blend of styles that will keep you engaged throughout. One of the album's most innovative parts is the interludes, which are short audio clips that tie the album together. They are creative and give you just enough of a break from the tracks to keep you interested.

However, despite its innovative qualities, the album falters a bit during some of the tracks, which can feel a bit repetitive and not as original as the standout tracks. Here We Go is a weaker track on the album that fades into the background compared to the other tracks. The same goes for No Replica, which feels like it's trying too hard to be interesting.

Overall, Raw as Fuck is an outstanding album that showcases Freestylers' mastery of their craft. It is an album that takes its listeners on an energetic journey through the roots of electronic music, fusing together different genres into a unique and engaging blend that captures the essence of Freestylers' sound. Although the album has some weak spots, it more than makes up for them with its innovation, energy, and creativity. If you're a fan of electronic music, then Raw as Fuck is definitely worth checking out.