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Artist: Brutality Album: Screams of Anguish

Year: 1993
Duration: 45:23

A Critical Review of Brutality's Screams of Anguish

Heavy metal enthusiasts have probably come across Brutality, a Florida-based death metal band that was active in the early 90s. One of their most iconic albums is Screams of Anguish that came out in 1993. If you're unfamiliar with the band or the album, this critical review should help you understand what Brutality is all about and whether Screams of Anguish is worth a listen.

History of Brutality - Before we dive into the specifics of the Screams of Anguish album, let's discuss the history of the band. Brutality was formed in 1986 in Tampa, Florida, when death metal was still a relatively new genre. They released their debut album, Metamorphosis in 1992 with a minor record label. The band's sound was characterized by fast, intricate guitar solos, growling vocals, and heavy percussion. While they never achieved mainstream success, Brutality developed a devoted fan base and influenced many contemporary death metal bands.

Music Genre of the Album - Screams of Anguish is an excellent example of classic death metal. It's fast, aggressive, and unrelenting. The album features complex guitar work, highlighted by creative riffs, squealing harmonics, and blistering solos. The drums are thunderous, with double bass pedal kicks that reverberate through your chest. The vocals are harsh and guttural, adding to the overall dark and sinister atmosphere.

Best Songs of the Album - Brutality's Screams of Anguish is a full-throttle album from start to finish. However, there are a few standout tracks that are worth mentioning. These Walls Shall Be Your Grave is a highlight, starting with a haunting intro before launching into a furious onslaught. Euphoria is another standout track, with a slower, more melodic opening before kicking into a frenzied pace. Finally, Cries of the Forsaken is an emotional closer that showcases the band's excellent songwriting skills.

Most Innovative Part - While Screams of Anguish is a phenomenal death metal album, it doesn't necessarily break new ground in terms of innovation. However, one of the most creative aspects of the album is the guitar work. The riffs and solos are technically impressive, and the band's willingness to take risks makes them stand out from other death metal bands of the time.

A Critic to the Album - While Screams of Anguish is a fantastic album, it does have a few flaws. First, some of the tracks tend to blend together, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other. Second, the recording quality can be a bit weak at times, making it hard to appreciate the nuances of the music. Finally, while the musicianship is excellent, some listeners might find the vocals too harsh and difficult to digest.

Brutality's Screams of Anguish is a benchmark album for the death metal genre. It's fast, heavy, and intense, with brilliant guitar work, thundering drums, and growling vocals. While the album doesn't necessarily break new ground, its technical proficiency and willingness to take risks set it apart from other death metal bands of the era. If you're a fan of death metal and haven't heard Screams of Anguish, it's worth checking out.