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1967 Chart

Of course, no 60s rundown would be complete without mentioning THE Beatles Ð Day Tripper gifted us third place in this greatest 1966 chart. Its classic guitar solo alone assured its legendary status and ensued its relevance Ð decades later it could still be heard ringing around our heads! Further down sits Engelbert Humperdinck's tribute symphony ÔRelease MeÕ inviting us in to calming rhythmic centric 60Õs love story as his steady vocals validated its tastefulness yet again taking up position at number five.Finally, last but not least was classy come classic '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' by Rolling Stones defining their creative freedom as Keith Richard wrote it chucklingly almost instantly knowing just what an amazing impact this little masterpiece would have over 50 years on from when released! Best 1967 songs Listen to the best songs of 1967
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