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B-side, the alternative Beatles

The unknown side of the Beatles, the one that only true fans recognize and appreciate. Discover the B-side for yourself. The Beatles are the most influential band in the pop era, but only the real fans know their less famous and more attractive songs. The Beatles are icons of the music world, but there is a huge unknown side to their story that few people know. From never been seen photos and unheard studio jam sessions, to fascinating interviews with former members and roadies, there is so much still be uncovered. Exploring this often forgotten side of their legacy not only opens up a new dimension of the legendary band's life and work but will also delight fans of all ages like never before. With every new discovery, eager fans get to journey back in time and take part in a revolution that transformed the music industry forever! A playlist that will show you the most underrated and less famous Beatles songs. A real treasure that you have missed.
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3-The Beatles - Blackbird
4-The Beatles - A Little Help From My Friends
5-The Beatles - Hey Bulldog