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Emigrating with a cardboard suitcase

ÒTu vuÕ faÕ lÔamericanoÓ? With suitcases in tow, millions of Italians move to the U.S., importing spaghetti, pizza, the mafia, but most of allÉ the desire to sing. Italian American artists have been serenading us from almost the beginning of time. ThereÕs something timeless about their culture heritage and its connection to music that speaks to generations of fans around the world. Even today, Italian American songs continue to fill every corner of the country with their compelling voices and evocative lyrics that can make us laugh, love, and feel better about ourselves at the same time. Whether it is heartfelt lullabies, passionate pop tunes or rousing numbers full of righteous pride, Italian American songs convey something unique in our lives. We owe so much to this group of tremendous talent inspired by their craft and uncompromising dedication in breathing life into magnificent art that will longer on long after they are gone.
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3-Jerry Vale - Innamorata
4-Russ Columbo - Prisoner Of Love
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