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The very best of blues

A selection of the best blues artists. Discover music from some of the most renowned blues musicians of all time. Get ready to explore a record of remarkable singers and tunes that are beyond compare. From the soulful croons of B.B King to the passionate melodies of Billie Holiday, this collection brings the very best in blues straight to you. Chords and rifts will captivate your mind as laid back streams transport you into a place far away. Let rhythm and inspiration be your casual tour guide Ð wander around blues greats like HowlinÕ Wolf, Etta James and Sam Cooke Ð brilliant legendary figures done justice by this refined selection of their finest tracks. It's not just music, it's The Best Of Blues!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Howlin' Wolf - Evil
2-Howlin' Wolf - Back Door Man
3-Howlin' Wolf - The Red Rooster
4-Blind Faith - Time Winds
5-B. B. King - You Upset Me Baby