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Alternative Vibration

Explore deep into the mainstream, far away, at the edge of indie music, the uncharted and uncontaminated radios and music genres to find new alternative music. If you look well, and if you follow your instinct and sensations, in this playlist you will find great emerging bands and artists that will give new strength to your constant music and sound research. In this channel, you will feel the vibrations and breathe the fresh and pure air you need to feel relief and start again to discover the alternative music you love. A playist with the best alternative vibration songs

New Alternative Music: An Alternative Vibration Playlist
In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with the same mainstream music on the radio. But what if you want something fresh, something new and alternative? Well, look no further because we've got a compilation of exciting new music that will take you on a journey to the edge of indie and uncharted music. This playlist is an alternative vibration that will breathe new life into your music collection. So sit back, relax, and let's explore some amazing emerging artists and bands in this alternative music playlist.
First on the list is Leave A Light On by Marble Empire. A rising artist, Marble Empire's unique blend of electronic and indie rock sets him apart from the crowd. Leave A Light On starts with a slow build-up, leading to an intense and emotional chorus that will leave you feeling energized and inspired. Following Marble Empire, we have Arlissa's Running. Her soulful voice blends perfectly with a light electronic beat, creating a mesmerizing track that will get you moving.
Next up, we have Fading by James Vickery. With smooth R&B vocals and a hypnotic beat, Fading will make you feel like you're floating on air. The lyrics speak to the feeling of being lost in your thoughts and losing touch with reality, making it a relatable and emotional experience. For something a little more upbeat, we have The Corner by Remi Wolf. Her unique pop sound is electric and catchy, and The Corner is a perfect example of her talents. The song bursts with energy, and the chorus is infectious, promising to get stuck in your head.
The next track on our alternative vibration playlist is OK by Wallows. This is a great example of a perfect alternative rock track: raw vocals, a catchy hook, and a great guitar riff. It's easy to see why Wallows is a rising star in the alternative music scene. The Lot by Sports Team comes next, with its catchy lyrics and upbeat indie rock sound. The chorus is super catchy, with the lyrics I'll see you in the lot, we'll be the ones breaking hearts. This song is perfect for anyone looking for a feel-good tune to brighten up their day.
Finally, we end our alternative vibration playlist with Phantom Limb by The Nude Party. With a distinct 60s rock sound, The Nude Party has honed their sound into something completely fresh and exciting. Phantom Limb is a standout track, with its catchy melody and upbeat tempo. It's impossible not to dance along to this song, making it the perfect ending to our playlist.
We hope this alternative vibration playlist has introduced you to some exciting new artists and sounds. When it comes to music, it's easy to get caught up in the mainstream, but there's a wealth of talent out there just waiting to be discovered. By exploring alternative genres and uncharted music, you can discover new and exciting sounds that you never knew existed. So keep your ears open, follow your instincts, and explore the world of alternative music!


2024-07-26 h: 18:30
Thirty Seconds to Mars, AFI, KennyHoopla, and Poppy at White River Amphitheatre (July 26, 2024)
Tacoma, US

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