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Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins (August 16, 1928, Indianapolis, Indiana – March 17, 1958, Los Angeles, California) was an American jazz pianist.



Unraveling Carl Perkins' Peculiar Personal Traits

Carl Perkins is widely considered to be one of the pioneers of rock and roll, having written many groundbreaking hits that helped launch a new era in music. But while his creative genius as a musician can't be denied, we here at Blogtown Music have noticed some quirks about the beloved artist that are hard to ignore. Whether it's his tendency to wear mismatched socks or play guitar solos behind his head, Carl Perkins sure has acquired some interesting habits over the years! Tune into today’s post for an entertaining journey through 5 of Carl Perkins' most peculiar personality traits!

When we talk about the pioneers of rock and roll, one name that certainly comes to mind is Carl Perkins. This remarkable musician is rightfully credited with revolutionizing the world of music with his innovative sound and electrifying performances. However, there's more to Carl Perkins than just his contribution to the music industry. As we dug deeper, we found several peculiar personality traits that make him stand out among his contemporaries. So, let's embark on an entertaining journey and explore 5 of Carl Perkins' most quirky habits!

1. The Mismatched Sock King

While it may seem like a mundane detail, Carl's love for mismatched socks was unparalleled. He didn't shy away from wearing socks with different patterns, colors, and lengths, and often showcased his eccentricity on stage. Some say it was his way of expressing his individuality and rebelling against the traditional norms of fashion. Whatever the reason may be, it's safe to say that Carl's socks were as iconic as his music.

2. The Man Who Played Guitar Upside Down

Carl Perkins was famous for his guitar prowess and virtuosity, but what set him apart was his unique playing style. He played his guitar upside down, which meant that the low strings were at the bottom and the high strings at the top. This technique allowed him to create a distinctive sound that was both powerful and soulful. It's fascinating to think that a minor physical quirk could lead to such an innovative approach to music!

3. The Picky Eater

While touring with his band, Carl was notorious for his picky eating habits. He despised airplane food and would often carry his own packed meals on long journeys. He had specific dietary preferences and would not eat anything that didn't meet his standards. It's interesting to note that despite being a creative genius, he had a strict set of rules when it came to food.

4. The Inscrutable Songwriter

4. The Inscrutable Songwriter

Carl Perkins is known for writing some of the most iconic rock and roll hits of all time, including Blue Suede Shoes, Honey Don't, and Matchbox. But, what's surprising is that his songwriting process was shrouded in mystery. He rarely discussed the inspiration behind his music, and his lyrics were often cryptic and open to interpretation. This enigma only added to his mystique and made him all the more fascinating.

5. The Family Man

Despite being a famous musician, Carl Perkins always put his family first. He had a close-knit family and was a doting husband and father. He often spoke about the values of love, respect, and family in his music, and his personal life mirrored his lyrics. He never let his fame get in the way of his familial responsibilities and loved spending time with his loved ones when he wasn't touring.

Carl Perkins was much more than just a musician; he was a complex and fascinating individual with a diverse range of eccentricities. His peculiar personality traits, from the love of mismatched socks to the distinct guitar playing style, only highlighted his individuality and creative genius. As music lovers, we can all learn from Carl Perkins to embrace our quirks and nurture our uniqueness, just like he did. So, let's raise a toast to the man who defied conventions and left an indelible mark on the world of music!
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2 - Honey Don't
3 - The Stranger
4 - Love Again
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9 - Put Your Cat Clothes On
10 - Dixie Fried
11 - Your True Love
12 - Roll Over Beethoven
13 - Glad All Over
14 - Sure To Fall
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19 - Jailhouse Rock
20 - Honey Don't
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