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The lost summer

The lost summer

This 2020 is going the be the year without festivals and concerts. What we’re going to do? How can we overcome this problem? It’s going to be tough, and maybe impossible. Let’s try to see the bright side of it, we’ll have the opportunity to consider music under a different light, listening to it with the neighbors, on YouTube, alone or far away. We’ll be able to get customized concerts, just a few attendants, we’ll rediscover good music, or at least hope so.
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Coronavirus Quarantine Music
Coronavirus Quarantine Music
Live Streams & Virtual Concerts to Watch During Coronavirus Crisis. Are we attending to the born...
Scandinavian Oregon: the danger of boredom
Scandinavian Oregon: the danger of boredom
From the humid and dark Scandinavia to the desolate and sad streets of Oregon. Men are dragged under...
The good America
The good America
The fake face of good America: well-dressed, well equipped, well built, so respectable and yet gives...
The back of the salons...
Sweat bathes us, the brain shuts down...
Living in the city in an alternative way...
Electronic summary...
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Conan Gray
The music we recommend: Conan Gray
Happy, light and easy-listening, that’s how this artist’s music is. And in this moment, it is exactly what we need, making reality lighter and refresh our ears, open up the windows and take a walk in unusual hours with our mind freer....listen to this new band

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