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It is difficult to understand how people are trying to remedy to a very complicated situation that begun years ago with weapons. If the desire would be simply the eace, it would be enough to stop the violence and lay down the guns. No war!
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Dissolved in the swing
Dissolved in the swing
Between restraint and wild dancing. Sharp trumpets and endless piano scales. The retro environment...
666, the number of the beast
666, the number of the beast
Bloodthirsty beasts, this playlist is for you… Satan chose this music to send...
Italian New Year Eve
Italian New Year Eve
You decided to spend your new year’s eve in Italy. Your tour operator, usually your more-than-dynamic...
Fighting for your values, does that still exist?...
Have fun, dance, experience, brilliantly...
They anchor us and give us a surface on which to lean...
The land of freedom...
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Conan Gray
The music we recommend: Conan Gray
Happy, light and easy-listening, that’s how this artist’s music is. And in this moment, it is exactly what we need, making reality lighter and refresh our ears, open up the windows and take a walk in unusual hours with our mind freer....listen to this new band

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KISS drummer Eric Singer is now an honorary police officer.
Police Chief Terry David Lynch from the Wharton police department had the privileged to do, the swearing in shortly before KISS’s End of the Road concert at Houston’s Toyota Centre on Monday. The concert occurred at 9th September and all this happened while Eric Singer was in...read more
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  • Deep dub
    Dub in the more electronic, minimal, repetitive, and dark sense. Relaxing, intriguing, attracting and hypnotic....
  • Jazz
    The encounter between black and white music, an intense and concentrated explosion of musical...
  • Minimal
    Primordial and pure sounds, hypnotic and repetitive with different aims, to reason, to dance, to elude, to illustrate....
  • Punk
    Raw and simple, direct, gritty guitar, quick drums, raw and unkempt sounds and voices delivering...