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We wish you all a happy holiday!

We wish you all a happy holiday!

We took a well-deserved summer break, we had to face small and big decisions about our daily routines. Now we are updating all the music charts, that you follow so much and we will soon catch up. Good music to all! Listen to the best music of September 2019!
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Discovering talents at the Busker festival
Discovering talents at the Busker festival
Street artists watch amazed passers-by, sometimes generous, but always with harsh criticism. Artists...
Through the origins of dub
Through the origins of dub
The minimal sounds of bass and drums. Born from the deep desire to bring us the true word and show...
Uh! The pop battle!
Uh! The pop battle!
To be the king you have to feel powerful, fight back fear, be the center of attention, be the boss,...
Recklessly looking for something inside ourselves...
When negativity wins...
A religion with all that it entails...
Enchanting us with its colors and movements...
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Conan Gray
The music we recommend: Conan Gray
Happy, light and easy-listening, that’s how this artist’s music is. And in this moment, it is exactly what we need, making reality lighter and refresh our ears, open up the windows and take a walk in unusual hours with our mind freer....listen to this new band

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A minimal and repetitive tale about deep dub
Vaun and Amimai’s breakthrough tunes of 2013 “Taking Over”, captured the deep dub rhythm with Amimai’s outstanding vocals, along with captivating keys, strings and sub bass. In the late 1960’s the great pioneer’s Osbourne”King Tubby”, Errol Thompson, Ruddock Lee and...read more

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UNKNOWN VENUE - 2021-08-27
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Trendy Cauzy
Yona Marie
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  • Cumbia
    Flowing directly from Colombia and throughout South America, heating up the boiling city with...
  • Folk
    Music passed on orally from time immemorial, the poor tradition of songs and dances that were handed down from generation to generation....
  • Indie rock
    An independent approach to managing production and resonance, a foot in the door to garner more attention in the musical world dominated...
  • Tamil Music
    Music is one of the most important and relevant aaspects of the Tamil culture, being profundly intertwined for thousands of years....