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Kesha revamps one of her popular pop hits, removing a famous reference to Sean "Diddy" Combs. The change was made during her recent performance at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. Kesha originally name-dropped Combs in her hit song "Tik Tok," but now sings a different line that reflects herself. Footage of the performance was shared on social media. Kesha's representatives have been contacted for comment. This alteration comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Combs' ex-girlfriend, accusing him of rape, sex trafficking, and physical abuse.
The rules of Kingston, everybody against Babylon
The rules of Kingston, everybody against Babylon
If youÕre Rastafarian and want to rebel against Babylon, or youÕre just a lover or reggae and...
Deep dub, minimal forests
Deep dub, minimal forests
The percussive and hypnotic sounds of dub inside the lonely forest, lost, after an invisible rave...
The human face and fresh R & B: Neo soul!
The human face and fresh R & B: Neo soul!
You start mixing up the nights, until theyÕre nostalgia ridden and full of empty glasses and piano...
Craft Recordings celebrates the 25th anniversary of R.E.M.'s groundbreaking album, Up, with...
Today, Friday 10th November, the globally celebrated multi-platinum trio, Jonas Brothers,...
DJ and producer Peggy Gou has teamed up with Grammy winner and rock legend Lenny Kravitz for...
Noel Gallagher at the Forum tonight: "Liam can't even fill a 30-person venue without Oasis...

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From Crooner to Icon: The Evolution of Billie Holiday
Are you a fan of Billie Holiday? Because if you are, then we’ve got some news for you: Billie wasn't always the smooth-singing jazz legend that she is today. In fact, before she became super famous and ultra talented, there was an entire period in her career when it seemed like...read more


Marlon Roudette
The music we recommend: Marlon Roudette
We love music and this week we are absolutely delighted to discover Marlon Roudette! His exciting singing style and diverse repertoire of tunes will surely send chills down your spine. His voice is a mesmerizing blend of perfect melody and beautiful rhythm. With powerful chords and an X factor all his own, Marlon Roudette is an undeniably sensational artist. Immerse yourself in his brilliant sound and let yourself explore the happiness these tracks can bring. So this week, give a passionate nod of appreciation to Marlon Roudette!...listen to this new band

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Reconsidering Bill Withers: A Critical Examination of the Soulful Artist
Do you love Bill Withers' soothing melodies? Have you ever found yourself engaged in spontaneous dance parties to the sweet sounds of his soulful songs? Well, in light of recent developments, it might be time to pump the brakes and reconsider your admiration for the legacy that is...read more

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  • Dance pop
    The marriage of commercial with dance, this is dance pop in its most pure and simple form, not looking to be anything more. Simple,...
  • Electro dub
    A hybrid genre, born from dub, but in reality arose from many different influences (reggae, drum and bass, rap, and electronic) and...
  • Post grunge
    The death of grunge also marks its success. So much so, that labels promote bands reflecting elements of grunge that slowly take away...
  • Tamil Music
    Music is one of the most important and relevant aaspects of the Tamil culture, being profundly intertwined for thousands of years....