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As you noticed, Staimusic has paused in the last few months. It was a deliberate choice, tackling the facts that are socking our world. With this all situation, we’ve had so much time, we could have published a lot and filling our voids. On the contrary, we grew apart, withered and started protesting against the system. Online concerts, singers in plastic bubbles, live streaming, they’re just bullshit, placebos for an unaware society that’s slowly sliding into slavery. Music is life is meeting, exchanging opinions, singing together. Why half-assing things? Why pretending nothing’s happening? Stop, and protest. We’re wearing sunglasses to avoid the problem, diving into a pit without even knowing. We’re not in denial, the virus is evil, but we’ve got to know we’re fighting, saving lives, pretending we’re the good guys, but actually the rich are becoming richer and the poor and middle classes are losing their jobs and their basic life conditions. At the end of all this there’s going to be a huge economic crisis, whole families wiped out of their safe nets, and we’re allowing this. They’re facing us with a moral dilemma and we’re falling for it. We’re caging ourselves in our shell. Music has stopped. With music, everything has stopped. We stay home, couching TV series, which by the way are all about people who stay home and sit all the time on their couch. Or they tell stories about rebels against the system, and they win, and so we share their victories and just turn our ass so we feel more comfortable on our soft casket. And Staimusic withers, too, gets empty, isolates itself as the people we should come together. Do you remember the live concerts? When you saw nothing but you just used to go with the flow. When the smell of alcohol and sweat, and a little marijuana were what you were looking for. We’re sure you remember them, even if you aren’t finding anything on Netflix and you scroll with your mouse like you do on your Facebook or Instagram feed, waiting for something to happen. Don’t be misled, pick up a music instrument and play, or listen to some loud music and sing, let the neighbors hear, maybe they’ll join you. We see you soon, in the streets, on the web, or in some loudspeakers on the beach.
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Coronavirus Quarantine Music
Coronavirus Quarantine Music
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Woodstock, a piece of rock music history
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The region of the radical chic
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Coffee shop
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Conan Gray
The music we recommend: Conan Gray
Happy, light and easy-listening, that’s how this artist’s music is. And in this moment, it is exactly what we need, making reality lighter and refresh our ears, open up the windows and take a walk in unusual hours with our mind freer....listen to this new band

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