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It is difficult to understand how people are trying to remedy to a very complicated situation that begun years ago with weapons. If the desire would be simply the eace, it would be enough to stop the violence and lay down the guns. No war!
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The electronic dream of the Matrix
The electronic dream of the Matrix
We are slaves to the machine and technology, our fixed eyes on the screen; the Matrix and its cybernetic...
The torments of the dark rock
The torments of the dark rock
Dark room, a hovering malaise, ruined tapestries and scraped walls, a room in the darkness to better...
Singing in the shower
Singing in the shower
If we had a nickel for all the times we’ve sung in the shower, we’d be the richest people in...
Amazing and unexpected...
Forgotten and unforeseeable, only for the brave adventurers...
The land of freedom...
The worst choice...
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Conan Gray
The music we recommend: Conan Gray
Happy, light and easy-listening, that’s how this artist’s music is. And in this moment, it is exactly what we need, making reality lighter and refresh our ears, open up the windows and take a walk in unusual hours with our mind freer....listen to this new band

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A glimpse of Arabic Metal
The Arabic Metal is a subgenre created by the combination of traditional folk music and heavy metal. The forerunners of this genre are bands like Orphaned Land , Melechesh and Salem, who have experimented with this genre since the 1990s...read more
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First Signs Of Frost
Leteipa The King
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  • 2step
    2 steps, those that separate you from the brink of hell and the ballroom, and you fall into the trap never to escape. 2step...
  • Big band
    A beautiful jazz orchestra gives life to classy nights in the most chic of locales as alcohol flows over a bed of constant music and intrigue....
  • Garage house
    A slow rhythm, “oontz, oontz” invades the New York scene in the early 80’s, in the wake...
  • Italian alternative rock
    The particular aspects of Italian rock, reflected by a society full of contrasts, nostalgic memory and driven by the intellectual left. ...