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Jump up

The anticipation of drum and bass without the speed and double notes, without the baroque allusions. Powerful drums, simple drum lines and the desire to rave. Feel a beat that commands your attention! The rhythms pave the way for an irresistible urge to dance. Get ready to JUMP UP for drum and bass music that will make you forget about your surroundings. Embark on a journey of deep thumping basslines, tranquillity from sweet melodies, punches from brutal drums and luscious harmonies that unlock emotions within yourself like never before. Every moment, every rhyme is designed with exciting songs packed in a vibrant style all its own. Drum and bass music creates spaces to experience the sheer energy that sparks between audiences and now itÕs calling out your nameÉ jump up! Jump up is a subgenre of Drum and Bass, featuring minimal rhythms with kick and snare drum, saw and square bass line.