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Deep dub

Dub in the more electronic, minimal, repetitive, and dark sense. Relaxing, intriguing, attracting and hypnotic. Deep Dub music is a genre known for its innovation when it comes to sound. It has been described as an exciting, playful style of music with strong bass tones and synthesized sound that carries itself over intricate instrumental progressions. Deep Dub showcases how rhythm can transcend what is tangible Ð stirring the soul and revealing a different level of resonance between the various elements within a single track. Very few genres are able to evoke emotion so quickly and deeply; getting to the core of our sonic imagination in this manner- and it's all thanks to one powerful subculture: deep dub music. Deep dub is a style of instrumental chill-out music characterized by downtempo and downbeat. It is influenced by reggae and dub music.

Deep Dub: The Hypnotic, Intriguing, and Relaxing Music Genre
Music is an art that has been around for centuries, and with time, it has evolved with technology. One of the latest genres is the Deep dub, which has taken the electronic, minimal, repetitive, and dark sense of Dub music. With its strong bass tones, intricate instrumental progressions, and synthesized sounds, Deep Dub music has proven to be an exciting, playful style of music. Its incredible rhythm transcends the tangible, catching the soul and revealing a uniquely different resonance level. Not many genres can evoke emotions as quickly and deeply as Deep dub; that's why it is becoming increasingly popular.
Deep dub might be a new genre, but it has quickly gained a following, mainly among the chill-out music lovers. Characterized by its downtempo and downbeat, the music style traces its roots back to the reggae and Dub music style. Unlike Dub, Deep dub employs fewer vocals, creating a minimalist musical experience that is both intriguing and relaxing. The simplicity and repetitive nature that Deep dub's beat offers create a hypnotic musical experience, giving listeners a chance to dive deep into their thoughts and connect with their inner selves.
The instruments used to create Deep Dub music are mainly electronic, and the beat is built around the bass tones, which are the backbone of the genre. The instrumentation used in deep dub is used to create a soundscape that is parallel to what someone may experience when in an aquatic space. This is often done by using synthesizers to create a hypnotic, watery sound. Listeners of Deep dub find the sound to be reminiscent of an underwater experience, allowing themselves to be immersed in the music fully.
One of the significant elements of Deep Dub is the fusion of sounds. It brings together contrasting sounds that came from different sources and creates an incredibly melodic track. This has only been possible thanks to the innovation of the genre's artists. They have been able to include deep bass, electronic beats, and dub elements to create a unique sound that is already entrancing its listeners.
As Deep Dub evolves, more exciting subgenres are emerging. These include minimal dub, deep techno dub, deep ambient dub, and dark dub, each bringing a different formula to the genre. Nonetheless, one thing remains constant: the hypnotic, relaxing, and intriguing experience that Deep Dub offers its listeners.
Deep Dub is a genre that offers listeners a unique experience that they won't find anywhere else. The genre is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to sound, allowing its artists to fuse diverse elements to create a unique sound. With its hypnotic, intriguing, and relaxing beats, Deep Dub has become the go-to genre for those chill-out moments. It has taken the familiar Dub style and created something new, something that evokes emotions quickly and deeply. The genre's essence lies in simplicity and repetition, which makes every track an excellent experience not to be forgotten. If you're looking for a new music genre that will take you on a meditative and introspective journey, then Deep Dub is the way to go.

A minimal and repetitive tale about deep dub

Vaun and Amimai’s breakthrough tunes of 2013 “Taking Over”, captured the deep dub rhythm with Amimai’s outstanding vocals, along with captivating keys, strings and sub bass. In the late 1960’s the great pioneer’s Osbourne”King Tubby”, Errol Thompson, Ruddock Lee and many other artists. Created a genre called Deep Dub, with the inspirational Augustus Pablo who bought melodica to Deep Dub, and as we know today is considered a unique subgenre of music.

From the growth of Reggae in the 1960’s, Deep Dub became a music genre that has developed and expanded beyond the limits of reggae. Predominantly Deep Dub consists of existing recordings and mixing this with instrumental. To achieve this unique sound and vibration a significant amount of manipulating, reshaping the original recordings with an emphasis on the drum and base (sometimes referred to as a “riddim”) the vocals are faded away in the background and sometimes removed completely. Many recordings may add the original vocals with the original instrumental background, to create a mix of drum, beat and lyrics.

Dub is the basis for the genres drum and bass, jungle and has played a significant influence of many genres of music, including the subgenre of off-punk, pop, hip-hop, disco and rock. With the originators of Deep Dub, Mad Professor, Lee “Scratch” Perry are a testament for Deep Dub by producing and creating new material of this current time.
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