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Drum and Bass

Minimal sampling of all genres couple with the break beat percussion at 170 bpm and the low drilling of the drum and bass. From the rave to the simple sound system occasionally paired with an MC, sometimes just to get the crowd moving. Take your ears back to the good old days with Drum and Bass. It's a breakthrough sound that has been redefining electronic music since the early 1990s. Listen carefully and you'll experience a link between raw intensity and electrifying rhythms. Deep, dark, loud basslines come together with percussive rhythms leaving you grooving to its mighty power. Get ready to dive into Drum'n'Bass and give into its demonic yet blissful harmonies. Drum and Bass is a genre of electronic music born from rave and oldschool jungle in the 1990s. It has heavy breakbeats, bass and synth music samples.