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Demdike Stare


Demdike Stare is a duo made up of DJ and producer Sean Canty and Multi-instrumentalist Miles Whittaker. Their musical history draws from various electronic genres, blending dubstep, basement techno, outernational grooves and film scores. Across the now one dozen albums the duo has released since 2009, Sean and Miles have created incredible soundscapes that bring something unique to music culture. The intricate web of influences they pull from has led to such earworms as “Voices of Dust”, inspiring listeners with its eventual crescendo leading into one last crash of thunderous percussion before it fades out into nothingness. Songs like “Vale madness” starting sombre then take you away to deeper reaches for a journey through unknown darkness calling some joyous trance habits into play. There's even some light relief in the amen break breaks of tracks like “Blind stepping” collecting eerie new age fragments from tape recordings melting hopadial refractions on top polymetric hip-hop beats in demdike signature style continuing to give fans food for thought years down The line.
Demdike Stare: The Haunting Musical Experience
Have you ever felt like you were transported to another dimension while listening to music? That’s what it feels like when you listen to Demdike Stare. This experimental duo from Manchester, UK has been producing music that is both haunting and beautiful since 2009. They have seamlessly blended different genres and sounds to create a unique musical experience that has captivated audiences around the world. In this post, we will delve into their musical biography, their best songs, their genre, famous concerts, and a critic’s opinion.
Demdike Stare is a British experimental duo comprised of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. They met as teenagers and bonded over their mutual love of music. Demdike Stare’s name is inspired by the story of Demdike, one of the most famous witches in the Pendle Hill witch trials, which took place in the 17th century in the UK. The duo draws inspiration from a variety of musical styles including industrial, techno, ambient, and traditional folk music. Their music has been described as creepy and dark, and it’s not difficult to understand why. They use samples from obscure records, field recordings, and vintage equipment to create their unique sound.
Demdike Stare has released a wide range of EPs and LPs, but it’s their 2010 debut album Triptych that still resonates with fans. The album showcases their ability to create an immersive musical experience that takes the listener on a journey through different sounds and moods. Other standout releases include Voices of Dust (2010), Elemental (2012), Testpressing (2013), and Wonderland (2016).
Demdike Stare’s music is difficult to categorize as it draws from so many different genres. However, it’s safe to say that their sound is experimental electronic music. They use a variety of instruments and sounds to create their music, including drum machines, analog synths, and field recordings. Their music is often described as dystopian or post-apocalyptic, and it’s not difficult to understand why. There’s a certain darkness and sadness to their music that is both captivating and unsettling.
Demdike Stare has performed at a variety of famous music festivals, including Sonar, Decibel, and Unsound. Their live shows are an immersive experience that combines their music with visuals created by artist Michael England. The combination of sound and visuals makes for a truly unforgettable experience.
One critic, Darren Bergstein, describes Demdike Stare’s music as a deep-seated darkness that’s almost comforting in its embrace, like an aural Nordsee, ambient tones wending their way thru winding waterways, gently caressing shorelines, or sudden hazy sunbursts illuminating a long-neglected cityscape on the cusp of reawakening. His description perfectly captures the unique musical experience that is Demdike Stare.
Listening to Demdike Stare is like stepping into another world – a world of haunting, beautiful sounds that take you on a journey through different moods and emotions. Their music is difficult to categorize, but that’s part of its charm. They seamlessly blend different genres and sounds to create a unique musical experience that is both captivating and unsettling. Their live shows are an immersive experience that combines their music with visuals to create something truly unforgettable. If you’re a fan of experimental electronic music, do yourself a favor and give Demdike Stare a listen. You won’t be disappointed.
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Demdike Stare: A Journey Through the Musical Biography of an Experimental Artist

Demdike Stare is a name that is synonymous with experimental music. His sound is unique, and he is renowned for his proficiency in creating music that is both innovative and thought-provoking. If you're not familiar with Demdike Stare, you're in for a real treat. In this article, we will take a trip through his musical biography, from his beginnings to his most famous albums and songs.

Demdike Stare is a musical project that was started by Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker. Both of them are from Manchester in the United Kingdom, and they're known for their love of experimental music. They named the project after a famous witch from the 17th century, and their music is heavily influenced by the occult and medieval practices.

Their first album was released in 2010, and it was titled Symbiosis. This album was a mix of experimental and ambient music, and it was a hit with fans of both genres. The album was a critical success, and it put Demdike Stare on the map.

Their second album, Tryptych, was released in 2011. This album was a more cohesive effort than their first, and it showcased their evolution as artists. The album was more focused on beat-driven rhythms, and it was a hit with fans of techno and house music, as well as fans of experimental music.

One of their most famous songs is Erosion of Mediocrity, which is a haunting and melancholic track that features ethereal vocals and a sparse beat. The song is a good representation of Demdike Stare's sound, which is often dark and mysterious.

In addition to their albums, Demdike Stare collaborated with a number of other artists, including Hype Williams and Shackleton. These collaborations helped them to expand their sound and attract new fans.

Demdike Stare's musical style is heavily influenced by a variety of genres, including ambient, techno, and dub. They're also influenced by medieval music and the occult. Their music is often dark and moody, with a focus on atmosphere and texture. Their sound is unique and innovative, and it continues to evolve with each new release.

Demdike Stare's musical biography is a story of innovation and experimentation. They've evolved as artists with each new album and collaboration, and their sound continues to inspire and amaze fans around the world. If you're a fan of experimental music, Demdike Stare is definitely an artist that's worth checking out. With its unique blend of ambient, techno, and medieval influences, their music is unlike anything else out there.
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1 - A Tale Of Sand (near Dark)
2 - Testpressing#002
3 - Caged in Stammheim
4 - Regolith
5 - Eurydice
6 - Hashshashin Chant
7 - Past Majesty
8 - Black Sun
9 - Procrastination
10 - The Stars Are Moving
11 - Mephisto's Lament
12 - Bardo Thodol
13 - Suspicious Drone
14 - Haxan Dub
15 - Jannisary
16 - Regressor
17 - Desert Ascetic
18 - Leptonic Matter
19 - Trapped Dervish
20 - Extwistle Hall
21 - Conjoined
22 - Curzon
23 - Animal Style
24 - Forest Of Evil (dusk)
25 - Forest Of Evil (dawn)
26 - Matilda's Dream
27 - Repository Of Light
28 - Of Decay & Shadows
29 - Rain & Shame
30 - Nothing But The Night
31 - A Tale Of Sand
32 - Viento De Levante
33 - Mnemosyne
34 - Ghostly Hardware
35 - New Use For Old Circuits
36 - At It Again
37 - Violetta
38 - Erosion Of Mediocrity
39 - Kommunion (alternate Version)
40 - Sourcer
41 - Hardnoise
42 - Shade
43 - Nuance
44 - New Fakes
45 - Blue
46 - Airborne Latency
47 - Fulledge (empty-40 Mix)
48 - Ishmael's Intent
49 - Dauerlinie


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