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Italian music

From Sanremo with love, the tradition of Italian music in itÕs search for beauty and style through melodies, lyrics and harmonies. On the beach with friends as everyone sings along. A selection of the best italian popular music. The uplifting strings of an Italian concerto invoke thoughts of days spent ambling through the countryside. From the momentous notes of a Neapolitan guitar, to the lively beats of a Mediterranean marimba, the captivating tunes and cadences of Italy are sure to inspire nostalgia in any listener with their vibrant liveliness. With such harmonious flights, Rich voices, melodious arrangements, folky singers and chamber choirs that resonate up and down hill sides for all to appreciate and remember. Gigging street musicians, classical musicians in banquet halls, pop group sounds equally versatile as they combine into a beautiful soundscape leaving listeners deeply touched and pleasantly surprised with the breadth and depth of Italian music they were unaware of during their travels through Italy. The musica leggera, the typical Italian music, singers, Italian instruments and orchestras. The Festival di San Remo is the major festival where the love song of the year wins.