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Pop rock

The deterioration of rock, its futile marketing that sells its rebellious soul to please the public and sell disks. An evolution more scenic than musical, although over time heals everything, and great artists emerge. Music that calls your soul is sometimes labeled as Pop Rock. This genre of music covers styles from hard rock and punk to pop, often using a pounding rhythm section, distorted guitars and cutting synths for maximum impact. At its core are eternal hits combining electric energy with memorable melodies and infectious vocals, creating crowd-pleasing sounds bound to make you dance. No matter the parameters or history behind it, Pop Rock has established itself as an undeniable favorite in the world of music. Popular bands such as Maroon 5, Good Charlotte and Cascada never fail to perform for any clamoring audience ready to part with their expectations and pump up the volume to enjoy some great tunes! Pop rock is a music style that mixes catchy tunes from pop music and rock music. It is more commercial and mainstream than rock music, and it is also described as power pop