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Techno hardcore

A true cultural movement coming from central Europe, sensible and distorted, 180 bpm, harsh, industrial sounds of the cold and modern city. Techno hardcore music is here to stayÑits intense and impassioned beats captivating even the most casual of listeners. Whether it be the blare of a bass heavy drop or an adrenalin fueled chorus, techno hardcore rave songs always have the power to thrill. It's no wonder that these days it's hard to find a rave without at least one well tracked DJ purveying this genre. Walking into a venue where heavy synths and thunderous kick drums send reverberations through your body, you can't help but drop into forgetfulness and just feel the music. It's a feeling that techno hardcore fans keep needing more of. There's no question as to why this genre has experienced a huge resurgence in recent years, delighting a myriad of devoted followers of electronic dance music. A playlist with the best techno hardcore songs