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2 steps, those that separate you from the brink of hell and the ballroom, and you fall into the trap never to escape. 2step music is an English genre of the 90s, also known with the name of 2step garage. From London dj used synthetizers, samplers and sequencer to power the regular four on the floor beat. IN this playlist you can find the songs of this genre, with famous djs like Artful Dodger, Dub War and Craig David.



An overview of 2-step Garage music

2-step garage is an electronic music genre and subgenre of UK garage. The drum beat of 2-step garage is unique and distinctive, a syncopated rhythm that just keeps you there. This music genre involves the use of synthesizer, guitar, piano and of course drum machines. The music originated in London, towards the end of the 1990s and reached the heights of mainstream success during the same decade, with collaborating artists such as Artful Dodger and Craig David who wrote the famous song Re-Rewind. However, with beginning of the 2000s, 2-step garage music suffered a downfall, while various artists such as Zed Bias, Wookie released some tracks, which were something different from the traditional musical genre. After the release of these tracks, people started referring to 2-step garage as black garage. The famous artists of 2-step garage are:

Zed Bias:
Zed Bias real name is Dave Jones, an artist that both produced 2-step and UK garage.

Todd Edwards:
Todd Edwards is an hypnotic singer from New Jersey, US. He started his music career in 1992, releasing songs like Deeper, You Are Sorry, Mercury Rising, I Might Be, Saved My Life, Never Far From You.

Ghostek is a garage musician. His music style is much unique and quite different from the other garage musicians. His music leads the listeners deep into the lyrics.

Volor Flex:
Volor Flex is a Russian electronic musician, whose, famous work of singer include records like Unlit, My Story, Tramp, Sabo, Days End, Exhale, Blowing Smoke, Contact, Invasion, Tent Street, Into Deep.
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