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Garage house

A slow rhythm, Òoontz, oontzÓ invades the New York scene in the early 80Õs, in the wake of the house of Chicago, permeating into all the clubs and passing national borders. If you're looking to find a unique sound, park your car in the garage house. This is where music that blends together old and new has converged: hidden away from populated streets sits a budding artist, tirelessly cultivating an innovative array of sounds all inspired by the beating heart of their music laboratory. From atmospheric sounds and mysterious tunes to melodic grooves and hypnotic rhythms Ð whatever the style may be, you can expect remarkable nuances around every bend. Laying in wait for curious listeners, the doors of the garage house are wide open. Garage house is a subgenre of house music, created in United States. It is the forerunner of the typical electronic Chicago house music.