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House music

Minimal electronic sounds, flat syncopation, thousands of bodies rubbing against each other in the clubs around the world, designer clothes, bottles of champagne and private rooms. The most commercial and listened to genre in the clubs. House music fills clubs and festivals with joyous and vibrant celebration. Its namesake derived from its origins in legendary Chicago clubs that shook their walls in the day. People from all walks of life reveled in joining in on a communal experience connected by sound, movement and energy. Casually referred to as "Club Music", DJs and producers pushed boundaries between funk, hip hop, disco and soul mixing layer after ever changing layer as the night went. Constantly evolving, house music shifted between nightclub atmospheres to radio play, swelling alternative subgenres ever further. Passionate crowds dancing with unanimous emotion amongst depth spilling 4 tunes mixed together marked this art form an unforgettable journey down the numerous winding paths of modern, electronic dance music today. From pumping ACID beats to African Pop melodies, breathtaking euphorizes reigns envelop the world encompassing all the truly special people who are held both emotionally and spiritually afloat within it's grasp. House music is a genre f electronic dance music played by Djs in Chicago in the 1980s. Its regular beat and the typical cymbals and bassline distinguish this disco music played in the clubs.