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Electro dub

A hybrid genre, born from dub, but in reality arose from many different influences (reggae, drum and bass, rap, and electronic) and mixes that are hard to recognize and individualize. Even if you donÕt understand what kind of music it is, just listen to the mix of rhythms from different genres that will make you move, youÕve got it! No matter what mood you're in, one genre that really brings out a good time is Electro Dub. With an eclectic combination of bass lines, beats, and fun samples at its core, it's the perfect type of music to pump up your next party or to chill out with friends. Not to mention the fact that if you put on some Electro Dub you'll become instantly immersed in a musical entrancing atmosphere. Who doesn't want that? So put on your headphones, turn up the volume and start nodding your head to iconic electro dub! Electro dub is a subgenre of dub music, influenced by rap, heavy drum and bass lines and played with electronic instruments.