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Dubioza Kolektiv - The Ultimate Revolutionaries of Music
When you think of music, what comes to your mind? Is it the melody, lyrics, or the genre? Well, for fans of Dubioza Kolektiv, it's everything. The band is a group of musicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have shook the musical industry with their unique blend of reggae, rock, punk, electronic, and Bosnian folk music. Dubioza Kolektiv's success story is a testament to their talent and dedication to providing music lovers with something different.
Dubioza Kolektiv was formed in 2003 and has since been making waves in their home country and internationally. The band was initially started as a fusion of two seminal bands, Gluho Doba and Ornamenti, both of which were already famous in the local music scene. Combining their unique sound with the traditional Bosnian music, Dubioza Kolektiv was born.
When it comes to their music genre, Dubioza Kolektiv is simply unconstrained. They pride themselves on making happy music for happy people, and that is precisely what they do. They jump from one genre to another, creating an eclectic mix of sounds that has won them fans worldwide. From reggae beats to punk rock riffs to electronic backdrops, they experiment with it all.
Dubioza Kolektiv's live performances are something else. The band has earned a reputation for being one of the best live performers in the music industry. Their live performances are energetic and electrifying, with the band always engaging the audience and getting them involved in the music. Their concerts are a unique blend of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. They are not just a band; they are complete entertainment.
With a discography that consists of eight studio albums, Dubioza Kolektiv's music has something for everyone. Here picks their best songs won't be easy as every song is a masterpiece in its own right. However, some of the band's most famous creations include Kažu, No Escape from Balkan, Firma Ilegal, Tranzicija, and Bella Ciao. These songs are examples of how creative and innovative the band's music truly is.
Critics describe Dubioza Kolektiv's music as a revolution in music. They have managed to break down barriers between genres and fuse traditional music with contemporary sounds. The band's message of unity, courage, and freedom is beautifully captured in the diversity of their music. They represent a voice for their country and have used their platform to raise awareness about social and political issues. Dubioza Kolektiv is a band that makes us believe that music can truly change the world.
Dubioza Kolektiv is a band that has revolutionized music and has won the hearts of fans across the globe. Their ability to blend traditional and contemporary music is truly unique, and it is hard not to love their eclectic sound. Their live performances are legendary, and their music continues to inspire, entertain and challenge our perceptions of music. They truly represent the best in modern music, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.
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Latest news about Dubioza Kolektiv

BALKAN:MOST Festival announcement - The Balkan experience, beyond stereotypes A resounding roll call of fresh talent from the Balkans and music professionals from all over Europe, BALKAN:MOST Festival, in cooperation with WOMEX, brings 6 headliners, 24 showcase bands and a 3-day conference to Veszprém’s picturesque venues in the framework of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture. Dubioza Kolektiv, Marina Satti and jazz maestro Daniele Sepe entertain the crowds at free open-air concerts while 200-plus experts of the world music scene convene in Veszprém between 7 and 9 September.

The Musical Biography of Dubioza Kolektiv

Do you love discovering new music and exploring different genres? Then you’d surely appreciate Dubioza Kolektiv, a Balkan fusion band known for their politically charged lyrics and eclectic sound. Over the years, this multi-talented group has gained a huge following not only in their native Bosnia but also worldwide. If you’re curious about their journey as a band and the music they’ve released, then read on for a musical biography of Dubioza Kolektiv.


Dubioza Kolektiv was formed in 2003 in Bosnia, as a collaborative project between members of two popular bands – Avangarda and Gluho Doba Against Def Age. In just a short period of time, they established themselves as a unique voice in the local music scene, blending elements of ska, rock, reggae, punk, and traditional Balkan music. Their experimental approach to music-making, coupled with their socially conscious lyrics, quickly set them apart from other bands of the time.


Over the years, Dubioza Kolektiv has released several albums, each one showcasing their growth and evolution as musicians. Their debut album, Dubioza Kolektiv, was released in 2004 and included songs that tackled issues like corruption and political apathy. This was followed by their sophomore album, Open Wide, in 2005, which featured more political commentary but also included a wider range of musical influences. In 2010, they released 5 do 12, which cemented their reputation as one of Bosnia’s most important bands. Their latest album, #fakenews, was released in 2018 and showcased their matured sound and continued focus on social justice.


Dubioza Kolektiv is famous for many songs, each one resonating with audiences around the world. Bosnian-Herzegovinian War Song is a poignant tribute to the victims of the Bosnian war, while Kažu explores the disillusionment felt by many young people in the face of corruption in politics. Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song) is a quirky take on the piracy debate, while Pjesmice za djecu i odrasle shows the band’s playful side. Dubioza Kolektiv is also known for their collaborations with other artists, including Free the Pirate Bay with hip-hop artist M.I.A.

Musical Style and influences:

Dubioza Kolektiv’s musical style is hard to define, as it draws from various genres and sounds. They describe themselves as happy punk or the louder side of Balkan music. However, their music is also influenced by the political and social climate of Bosnia, as well as global issues like immigration and internet freedom. They’ve been compared to other socially conscious bands like Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down but manage to maintain their unique sound and voice.

Dubioza Kolektiv is a band that continues to evolve and challenge the status quo. Their music provides a snapshot of the political and social reality in Bosnia, but also speaks to larger themes that resonate with people all over the world. Whether you’re a fan of punk, reggae, or Balkan music, you’ll find something to appreciate in their eclectic sound. We hope this musical biography has given you a glimpse into the world of Dubioza Kolektiv and encouraged you to explore their music further.
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1 - Kokuz
2 - Balkan Funk
3 - Walter
4 - Recesija
5 - Vidi, Vidi, Vidi
6 - Um Klade Valja
7 - Niko Nije Kriv
8 - Bosnafaria
9 - Triple Head Monster
10 - Volio Bih
11 - Justice
12 - Wasted Time
13 - Democracy
14 - War Crimes
15 - Prvi Maj
16 - Tranzicija
17 - Come And Play
18 - Wake Up
19 - Burnin'
20 - Euro Song
21 - Brijuni
22 - Krivo Je More 2
23 - Making Money
24 - Kupi
25 - Wicked Thing
26 - Decisions
27 - Be Highirly
28 - Move Ya
29 - Warning
30 - Bring The System Down
31 - Celebrate The Riot
32 - Whistleblower
33 - The Identity
34 - Receive
35 - Cannot Forgive
36 - Blam
37 - Firma Ilegal
38 - Marijuana
39 - Oni Dolaze
40 - Kažu
41 - Zrak
42 - Svi U štrajk
43 - Bosnian Rastafaria
44 - Usa
45 - Vlast I Policija
46 - Šuti I Trpi
47 - Doma?ica
48 - Free.mp3 - The Pirate Bay Song
49 - Njihovi I Naši
50 - U.s.a.
51 - Himna Generacije
52 - No Escape - From Balkan
53 - Cross The Line
54 - Hay Libertad
55 - One More Time
56 - Kafana
57 - Bubrezi
58 - Dijeta
59 - Ilegalno živ
60 - Ne Da Mi Se
2020: #fakenews
2010: 5 Do 12
2006: Dubnamite


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