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It’s your uninhibited body that leaves the smell, spurred by the relentless pace of the rhythm that keeps you coming back for more of the bass slapping, guitar slashes and persistent horns. Funk has long been a favorite style of music among countless listeners. With its deep grooves, soulful melodies and irresistibly funky bass, it presents an excitingly diverse range of sounds. From the swinging rhythms of Earth, Wind & Fire and James Brown to the precision riffs of Bootsy Collins and Funkadelic, funk transcends traditional forms while embracing them in its singular sound. The genre continues to draw musical influence from artists across all styles: from hip hop to jazz fusion and more. Whether you’re catching highly acclaimed performances such as the seminal Mothership Connection tour or blasting old favourites on an decks at home, funk truly can makea mean groove that’s hard to deny.