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Isaac Hayes

Isaac Lee Hayes Jr. (August 20, 1942 – August 10, 2008) was an American singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. Hayes was one of the creative forces behind the Southern soul music label Stax Records, where he served both as an in-house songwriter and as a session musician and record producer, teaming with his partner David Porter during the mid-1960s.
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1986: ''U-Turn''
1985: ''Instrumentals''
1981: ''Lifetime Thing''
1980: ''And Once Again''
1979: ''Don't Let Go''
1979: ''Royal Rappin's''
1978: ''For the Sake of Love'' listen full album
1978: ''Hotbed''
1977: ''New Horizon''
1976: ''A Man and a Woman''
1976: ''Disco Connection'' listen full album
1976: ''Groove-A-Thon''
1976: ''Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)''
1975: ''Chocolate Chip''
1975: ''Use Me''
1973: ''Joy'' listen full album
1971: ''Black Moses'' listen full album
1970: ''To Be Continued'' listen full album
1969: ''Hot Buttered Soul'' listen full album
1968: ''Presenting Isaac Hayes''
''For the Sake of Love / Don't Let Go''
''Love Attack''