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Arabic metal

Who would have thought that the hard and cold sound of metal could reach the enchanted sand dunes of the desert? And the music? Like migratory birds flying among the clouds to reach far off and unimaginable places. The mix? Surprising. Arabic metal is coming to is a music genre that mixes western heavy metal music and Arabic traditional music and instruments. Since their rise to popularity on the international stage, many have referred to Arabic metal as a unique and captivating music genre. This genre, which available worldwide continues to liberate heavy guitar riffs and raw energies combined by poetic narratives, taps into mainstream sensibilities while retaining its original irresistible attraction rooted firmly within the Algerian appeals. Throughout the rhythmic blends of melodic complexity lie an interesting mix of industrial electronic drum patterns; a flurry of cinematic string arrangements offering boundless polyrhythms sweet harmony all around us to hear, appreciate and groom in our ears both night and day. Listen to the best Arabic metal band and the songs that are coming from the desert and mix mixes western heavy metal music with Arabic traditional music



Arabic metal: A look at Arabic Metal and Middle East Bands

Arabic metal has synonyms as Middle East metal and Oriental metal. In the era of music and glamour it is spreading around America, Europe, United kingdom and around the globe through the relationship of metal and rock. Although there is no one to one relationship between metal and rock but the terms connect together through magnetizing property of metal. The music has attractiveness and beauty which effect and inspire people of every age. As a little East guy expressed that he got inspired through Metal music as a child and it is still under the influence of Metal music. Although singers are delivering their best in Arabic and middle East countries but are getting little appreciation for the work they produce.

Middle East Metal Music:
The famous and popular brands in Middle East are as:

It is a group of musicians belonging to Cairo Egypt. It was formed in 2006 by another Egyptian band Hatesuffocation. It is basically a death metal band. Their popular and famous albums are Serpent of the Nile, blinding the masses, Valley of the sand Walkers, Vagabond, In difference, Rolling like thunder and The other word.

Hellionight is a famous black metal and death metal band formed by Omar Zainal. Omar is a greatest musician and composer who had already served in many other bands as, Smouldering In Forgotten.

This man got success and fame on the basis of the work they delivered under the title of metal rock and death metal. There logo is voice of the soul and their subject matter is soul and death. It is comprised of members from Lebanon and but are currently residing at UAE. Their famous album name is Catacombs.

Pentagram: (Mezarkabul)
It is a Turkish band formed in 1986. It has flourished not only in Turkey but outside. The band early raised as thrash band but later modified into heavy or prog metal band. Its members include Hakan Utangaç, Cenk Ünnü, Tarkan Gözübüyük, Metin Türkcan and Gökalp Ergen. The famous albums include Pentagram, Trail blazer, Anatolia, Unspoken, Akustik and Bir.

Smouldering in forgotten:
When the band emerged in 2005 it was call bleached bones later it changed into shouldering in forgotten. It belongs to death and black Metal music genres. The famous works include goatwhore's. Its members include Hussam, Mardus and Voidhanger. Their music is based on the themes of glominess, Darkness and grimness.

It is an Israel and Palestenian band formed in 1999 by Riyad Sliman, Abed Hathout, Fadel Qandil and Rooster. It is related to folk metal, Oriental metal and Nu metal. Khalas means enough band. Their works include Ma Adesh Feeha which means We've Had It and Arabic Rock Orchestra.

Inner guilt:
It is Thrash and death metal band originated in Lebanon around 2010. The one serving as guitarist, vocalist, Bassist and drummer under the name of inner guilt are Nidal Ghannam, Bashir Ramadan, Sako and Serge . Their famous songs include Burden of guilt, My time to destroy, Burn and Slanderous society friends in this prison.
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A glimpse of Arabic Metal

The Arabic Metal is a subgenre created by the combination of traditional folk music and heavy metal. The forerunners of this genre are bands like Orphaned Land , Melechesh and Salem, who have experimented with this genre since the 1990s. The first record is considered to be 1993’s The Beloved's Cry by Orphaned Land, that gathered fans both among the traditional heavy metal fanbase and among young people in Arabic countries. With Meleches and Salem, these three bands developed the music genre its natural cradle in Israel, combining black metal hardcore, antichristian lyrics and versions of Yiddish songs. This powerful mix also involved using both distorted guitars and heavy metal sound with traditional folk instruments.

Since the 1990s, many bands emerged in the area, further developing this genre. In some cases, strict religious law caused some bands, like Al-Namrood, to keep on playing and making music in secret, as the band members would be persecuted and arrested if their identities were discovered. Their music is an interesting vision of how religious repression and strict traditional law are seen by free thinkers and artists, and how they are living a strong moment of rebellion, openly criticizing the system with the high risk of being put in prison for their ideas. More than musicians, they can be considered historians of their time and society.

In other countries the situation can be different: the Dubai band Nervecell, founded in 2000, has recorded and toured several countries, and has played at the Egypt Metal Festival. The same as the band Crescent, who formed in Egypt and became internationally known after the participation at the Egypt Metal Festival led them to play at 2014 Wacken festival, one of the most important metal festivals in Europe. Dubai and the UAB seems to be another thriving place for the Arabic metal scene. Starting from the first wave, which developed in Israel and Lebanon with Orphaned Land, Melechesh and Salem, and also the Libanese band Kimaera, many other bands are now playing, recording and touring the world. The most notable are NerveCell, the multicultural Dubai-based Anuryzm, the Barhain-based band Helionlight, with its recall of 1980s metal riffs and sounds and a skate punk attitude, the band Svengali and its recent 2015 EP Unscathed, and finally the band Aramaic, founded in 2010. From this area, other notable bands formed, reaching out to Algeria, where the band Lelahell has played extreme metal along with other notable bands like Neanderthalia, Litham, Carnavage and Devast. In these years, Arabic metal is gathering collaborations with western musicians bridging the gap between cultures and music genres, influencing this to make a new impressive form.
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