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Death metal

Double speakers that seem like machine guns, sudden changes in time, violent guitars and guttural voices, all coming straight from hell. Extremely brutal and too refined for its complexity. Have you ever taken the time to listen to Death metal? This intense heavy metal experience is searing and overwhelming, taking you deep into a mystical soundscape. It's percussion thumps with all the fury of a thunderstorm, with distorted guitars that launch 100 nightmarish spikes of rage at once, creating walls of brutality. The vocals echo vitriolic anger, evoking an emotional intensity like nothing else and commanding your full attention. So if you're feeling up for a challenge,test your own limits and expand your horizons by cranking up the volume on Death metal. Death metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music. It is an extreme music, made with distorted and low-tuned instruments, using the technique of palm-muting the guitars and double kick drums to make heav