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Drone doom metal

A buzzing sound that continues vibrating into eternity. Destroying and dragging you into emptiness, taking you into another dimension through the cold and surreal landscape of the northern woods. Step into a new musical universe and submerge yourself in the depths of Drone doom metal. Close your eyes, take a drop into a dark and unknown soundscape of long held monolithic guitar riffs. Experience slow goose bump inducing drums pace as choruses drawn out of raw distortion chant forth an incredibly unique sonic narrative. Expand your musical library with an indulgence in something fresh while delving into rich harmonic sounds around crushing grooves. Listen to Drone doom metal and allow it to let vibrate the deepest expanses of emotion unheard by any other genreÐ casting shade on pure human sound expression and feeling. Drone doom metal is a style of heavy metal characterized by slow tempo and long drone sounds.