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The Heavy, Intense, and Soul-Cleansing Sounds of Beastwars
Are you looking for heavy, intense, and soul-cleansing music? Then, you might want to check out Beastwars. This New Zealand-based band has been making waves in the stoner rock and doom metal music scene since 2006. They are known for their scorching live performances, intricate and heavy sound, and thought-provoking lyrics that tackle human experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the musical biography of Beastwars, delve into their best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critical analysis of their sound.
Beastwars was formed in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2006. The band is composed of members Matthew Hyde (vocals), Clayton Anderson (guitar), James Woods (bass), and Nathan Hickey (drums). The band's name is derived from the Transformers character Beast Wars, and their music is heavily influenced by classic stoner rock, doom metal, and sludge metal. Beastwars' eponymous debut album released in 2011 was a critical and commercial success. It was nominated and won various awards such as New Zealand's Best Metal Album at the 2012 New Zealand Music Awards. The album showcased the band's signature heavy and intense sound, layered with crushing riffs, pounding drums, and Hyde's powerful vocals.
One of Beastwars' best songs that truly represents their sound is Call to the Mountain. It is from their 2013 album, Blood Becomes Fire. The song was named Best Single at the 2014 New Zealand Music Awards. The song starts with a brooding bassline that builds into a relentless and cohesive wall of sound. Hyde's earth-shaking performance on vocals is one of the highlights of the song. The raw emotions delivered in Call to the Mountain make it a haunting and soulful experience.
Beastwars music genre can be described as a mix of stoner rock, doom metal, and sludge metal. The band's sound is characterized by downtuned guitars, deep and heavy basslines, thunderous drumming, and soaring vocals. Beastwars draws inspiration from Black Sabbath, Sleep, Melvins, and Mastodon, to name a few. Their music is a balance of ferocity and introspection, with lyrics tackling human struggles and the meaning of existence.
Beastwars' live performances are a sight to behold. The band's energy and intensity are manifested in full force in every show they play. One of their most famous concerts was in 2014 when they opened for Metallica in Auckland, New Zealand. The band's fifteen-minute set left an indelible impact on the crowd, and their exposure to a new audience helped them gain international recognition.
In terms of critical reception, Beastwars have been praised by various music publications for their sound and lyrics. Citing their sophomore album Blood Becomes Fire, AllMusic's Eduardo Rivadavia wrote, 'it will be interesting to see if such an undeniable step forward will help elevate Beastwars beyond cult status to that of true contenders in their genre.' Beastwars' third album, The Death of All Things, was also warmly received, with Kerrang! Magazine giving it four out of five stars and calling it a 'satisfying trudge through the swamplands of doom.'
Beastwars is definitely a band that deserves more recognition. Their music is something that music lovers who are into heavy and intense sounds should check out. From their scorching live performances to their soul-cleansing and introspective lyrics, they offer a unique musical experience. Their music genre of stoner rock, doom metal, and sludge metal is a mix of ferocity and introspection. The band's critically-acclaimed albums, such as their self-titled debut, Blood Becomes Fire, and The Death of All Things, are a testament to their musical prowess. Beastwars is a band that will leave you in a state of catharsis.

Discovering the Musical Biography and Influence of Beastwars

Music has the power to transport you to another world and make you feel emotions that you never thought were possible. It is no wonder that so many people turn to music as a form of escape and therapy. One such band that creates music that makes you feel alive and invigorated is Beastwars. Hailing from New Zealand, Beastwars has been creating music for over a decade and has a distinct sound that's hard not to love. In this article, we'll take a look at the musical biography of Beastwars, his beginnings, his most famous albums, his most famous songs, his musical style, and influences.

Beastwars was formed in 2006 and consists of members Matt Hyde (vocals), Clayton Anderson (guitar), James Woods (bass), and Nathan Hickey (drums). The band quickly gained popularity in their hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, and in 2011 released their debut self-titled album, which garnered critical acclaim and made many music enthusiasts take notice.

Beastwars' second album, 'Blood Becomes Fire,' was released in 2013 and received positive reviews for its unique sound, combining elements of heavy metal, sludge, and stoner rock. The album also received nominations at the New Zealand Music Awards. In 2016, the band released their third album, 'The Death Of All Things.' This album marked a significant change in Beastwars' sound, moving towards a more experimental style and showcasing their versatility as a band.

One of the most famous songs from Beastwars is 'Tower of Skulls,' featured on the album 'Blood Becomes Fire.' With its thick, distorted guitar riff and haunting vocals, the song perfectly captures the band's signature sound and raw energy. Another notable track is 'Some Sell Their Souls,' from the album 'Beastwars.' The song features a punishing bassline and crushing drums, all perfectly complementing Hyde's deep and powerful vocals.

Musically, Beastwars is influenced by a variety of genres and bands, including Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and Mastodon. Their sound is characterized by thick guitar tones, crushing drums, and haunting vocals that are reminiscent of the heavier side of grunge music. Lyrically, Beastwars' songs are often steeped in jarring imagery and explore themes of despair and darkness.

Beastwars is a band that many people might not have heard of, but they are a band that deserves attention and recognition. Their music is raw, heavy, and full of passion, which makes it incredibly mesmerizing to listen to. The band has come a long way since their debut album, and their evolving sound only shows that they are not afraid to take risks and experiment with new sounds. It is no surprise that they have received critical acclaim and have gained a dedicated following of fans. If you haven't already, go check out Beastwars and discover a new world of music.
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1 - Lake Of Fire
2 - Dune
3 - Mihi
4 - Realms
5 - Iron Wolf
6 - Imperium
7 - Call To The Mountain
8 - Daggers
9 - Red God
10 - Call Out The Dead
11 - Cthulhu
12 - Rivermen
13 - Empire
14 - Caul Of Time
15 - Witches
16 - Some Sell Their Souls
17 - When I'm King
18 - Omens
19 - The Death Of All Things
20 - Storms Of Mars
21 - Raise The Sword
22 - The Sleeper
23 - Shadow King
24 - Blood Becomes Fire
25 - Tower Of Skulls
26 - Damn The Sky
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