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Blind rage, disordered fury. Music Rage is here! Blind anger, disordered fury. The music of anger is here! It can often seem difficult, if not impossible, to process the anger within ourselves or explore why we feel such strong emotions. Seeking solace in music can be a volume of comfort, allowing us to express our emotions and learn to better understand another's situation. Nothing elicits the same combination of pain and hope as a song that speaks of anger and what rebellion in the name of art can offer us internally too. Ranging from rawness and disquiet to the subtleties of wonder and devastation, searching for the best songs staged to express or combat frustration can provide us with extraordinary liberation.
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Music and anger, the melody that interprets the mood

How do you deal with and control anger? With music! A powerful outlet valve that allows us to reconcile with our emotions, even the most negative.
At the IX edition of the Festival of Emotions of Terracina there was talk of the relationship between music and anger, how listening to a song that expresses anger is useful to elaborate and overcome this state of mind and how art and beauty lead to calm even more turbulent souls. To demonstrate this, with Mico Argirò and Biagio France, a curious experiment has been proposed.
Our experiment was both simple and powerful. - says Argirò - It was a matter of sampling the voices of those present who, one at a time, said words to the microphone, connected to their personal rabbis. Those words would become, live, thanks to electronic instruments, real sounds, carpets, melodies. It was an experiment of sublimation, a metaphor of how art can make emotions (even the hardest) beauty. And this happened: a lot of active participation, powerful words, in some cases really exciting, but in general each real element in the life and emotions of the protagonists. I was moved to elaborate this material and it was the same for Biagio Francia. The Festival of Emotions is one of the few places where you can bring such a special thing to methods and themes. It can be said successful experiment .
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