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Nu metal

The metal that makes you turn up your nose, influenced by rap, grunge, tribal sounds and rhythms of the Balkans with that incredible explosion, dragging people to mosh in all the concerts and making metal more approachable for the masses.


Nu metal, features and brief history

Nu metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal and alternative music. It developed in the US in the mid ‘90s, and it is usually considered a crossover style. It mixes heavy metal elements with other musical styles such as hip-hop, funk, industrial metal and post-grunge. Nu metal represents the new wave of alternative metal that evolved in the mid ‘90s. Korn and Deftones are considered as the founders of the genre, but Limp Bizkit are often associated to the former as they were among the first to commit to the genre, becoming famous and contributing to its future development. Then, at the beginning of the 2000s, Linking Park’s album Hybrid Theory, with its 27 million copies sold, became one of the genre’s milestones and somewhat the last of a kind, with new emo groups that became popular on the scene of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

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