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Italian Trap

Romance, passion, and house beats can be heard in the heart of Italian Trap music. Hailing from the streets of Italy's cities come ferocious rhythms and night club melodies. Different producers and styles are combined to diversify the sound even further. Lovers of deep bass lines combined with thrilling lyricism will thrill over the raw intensity while fans of light and airy tempos will love the bounciness that makes up Italian Trap's signature sound. Whether hard hitting or sing-along anthems; this fresh approach to metallic melodies makes Italian Trap infamous across emerging markets. A surge of hype fills event halls when these notorious tracks are dropped by select disc jockeys around the world – never failing to elicit true excitement through every screechy bar and reverberating rhythm. Sparse versus motorik drums and encompassing chiptunes can be also explored in certain selections adding a flair from Japan’s aesthetic modernity mix with Italian flavor – proving Italian Trap leaders can do so much more then tunes embellished by brassy electro twists that excite any party.