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Rome, Italy

The Musical Journey of Gemitaiz: From his Beginnings to his Most Famous Hits

Gemitaiz, born Davide De Luca, is an Italian rapper that has left an indelible mark on the Italian music scene. His lyrics and beats are at the forefront of Italian hip hop, inspiring countless followers and fans alike. If you're looking for a fast and furious style of rap that is catchy and memorable, you're sure to find it in Gemitaiz's music. So, let's explore the musical journey of Gemitaiz, from his early beginnings, through to his most famous albums and songs.

Gemitaiz got started in the music scene back in 2008, when he teamed up with his friend MadMan to form the duo, Gemitaiz & MadMan. Their debut album, Haterproof, was released in 2011 and was a huge success, immediately capturing the attention of Italian rap fans. This album included tracks like Haterproof and Come gli esperti, which brought broad commercial success to the young musician.

Gemitaiz later released his second album, Detto, Fatto, which has arguably been his most commercially successful album yet. The album, released in 2012, includes some of his most recognizable hits such as Non Se Ne Parla, Davide, and Quello Che Vi Consiglio.

Gemitaiz experimented with different musical styles in his next albums, which added new dimensions to his music and further contributed to his growth as an artist. In 2014, the rapper released his third album, L'Unico Compromesso, a record that explores broader topics and talks about how Gemitaiz perceives the Italian society around him. This album has a different feel to his previous works, and listeners took note.

Gemitaiz's following album, Kepler, was heavily influenced by the movie Interstellar by Christopher Nolan. This album feels more introspective and emotional than previous ones. Kepler boasts tracks such as Fuori di qua and Qvc8 which rank among Gemitaiz's most stunning musical arrangements.

Whether you're a hardcore Italian rap fan, or are new to this particular music genre, there is little doubt that the name Gemitaiz will come up as a must-listen artist. From humble beginnings in 2008 to becoming a household name in Italian music, Gemitaiz has shown grit, dedication, and a willingness to experiment and innovate in his musical journey. So, sit back, plug in your headphones and give his music a listen; you're sure to be inspired.
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1 - Vmpsb
2 - Siddharta
3 - Tu T'e Scurdat' 'e Me (illegal Rmx)
4 - Mai
5 - Essere Vero (prod. Frenetik & Orang3) (qvc7)
6 - Coma (prod. Frenetik & Orang3)
7 - Nonostante Tutto (prod. Don Joe)
8 - Forte (prod. Frenetik & Orang3)
9 - Fabio Volo (prod 2nd Roof Music)
10 - Non Cambio Mai
11 - Chiamate Perse
12 - ¥€$
13 - Intro
14 - Alaska (feat. Priestess)
15 - Pistorius
16 - Diverso
17 - Holy Grail (feat. Madman)
18 - Un'altra Notte (feat. Priestess)
19 - Rollin'
20 - Tanta Roba Anthem (feat. Guè Pequeno)
21 - Come Me
22 - Preso Male
23 - In Una Benz (feat. Fabri Fibra)
24 - Bad Boys (feat. Ketama126)
25 - Scatola Nera (feat. Giorgia)
26 - Pezzo Trap (feat. Fabri Fibra)
27 - Fiori (feat. Marracash & Guè Pequeno)
28 - Che Ore Sono (feat. Venerus)
29 - Lo Sai Che Ci Penso
30 - Scusa
31 - Paradise Lost
32 - Giuro Che (feat. Priestess & Quentin40)
33 - Fuori
34 - Oro E Argento
35 - Esagono (feat. Salmo)
36 - Mama (feat. Nitro)
37 - Bene
38 - Toradol
39 - Keanu Reeves (feat. Achille Lauro)
40 - Fuori E Dentro (feat. Tha Supreme)
41 - Veleno 7
42 - Karate (feat. Mahmood)
43 - Davide (feat. Coez)
44 - Senza Di Me (feat. Venerus & Franco126)
2022: Eclissi
2018: Davide
2014: Kepler


2023-12-02 h: 23:00
Rome, Italy
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