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Dark Polo Gang

Dark Polo Gang: The Evolution of Italian Trap Music
The Italian rap scene exploded with the advent of Dark Polo Gang (DPG) turning the head of the Italian youth. The five members of the group, founded in 2014, namely Wayne Santana, Dark Wayne, Tony Effe, Pyrex, and Dutchaveli have become the quintessential Italian trap scene. This is due to their capability to blend Naples's rich beats and the US trap style perfectly. In this article, we're going to take a deep dive into their musical biography, their best songs, most prominent concerts, and their genre.
DPG's style is known to be genre-defying as it explores different sub-genres of trap. Their songs show a blend of melancholy and hard-hitting rap. All the members contribute boastful and egotistical lyrics, with haunting melodies. A driven team of musicians, they have managed to design a new sound for Italian rap, adding new sub-genres to the ever-growing list of international hip hop styles. Their songs prominently feature thugs, street life, and money, which addresses the youth's angst and rebellious nature.
DPG's uniqueness infiltrates their music videos, which is a great example of the Italian streets' grim reality. Production-wise, DPG is a standout within the Italian rap scene for its rough and uncompromising music. The group's collective consciousness is focused on evoking a hard-edged sound and style that is almost savage in its punctuality.
Tony Effe of DPG has cultivated one of the more controversial images in Italian rap. His attitude towards gang ties and support of criminal activity has sparked a heated debate on a national scale. However, the group's overall artistic drive and depiction of life as a modern-day gangsta has inarguably made them one of the most unique music groups in Italy.
Speaking of their best songs, the entire DPG legacy is undoubtedly filled with outstanding tracks. But some of their most notable songs include Caramelle, an eerie and dark vibe in which every member of the group outdid themselves. Imma Stoner was a huge hit among their younger fans and presented them at their most hyped and wild. Cambio Vita highlights a smoother, slow-burning, and more in-depth track exploring the potential of the Italian Trap sound.
One of DPG's most memorable concerts was when they performed at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami in 2019. Playing alongside international stars, the group showcased their best songs to a huge crowd of hip hop lovers, confirming their status as one of the most interesting and hype Italian groups. Further, the group performed during the highly anticipated San Remo Music Festival 2020, which was an unforgettable experience for their fans.
Dark Polo Gang is an Italian group that has created a new sound and style for Italian rap. They have successfully blended US trap sound with Naples's indulgence to produce a unique sound. Their genre-defying style delves into sub-genres of trap, which is a great example of what the Italian rap scene can do. Their best songs, concerts, and legacy all reflect a story that is a combination of hard work and raw talent. They resonate with their fans through a depiction of young life as a struggle with their haunting melodies and boastful lyrics. In conclusion, DPG's legacy is a testament that Italy is a force in the global rap community.


1 - Cavallini
2 - Pesi Sul Collo
3 - Mafia
4 - Spezzacuori (prod. By Sick Luke)
5 - Fiori Del Male Ft Sfera Ebbasta (prod. By Sick Luke & Charlie Charles)
6 - Caramelle Feat. MarÏna (prod. By Sick Luke)
7 - Magazine (prod. By Sick Luke)
8 - Sportswear (prod. By Sick Luke)
9 - Cono Gelato (prod By Sick Luke)
10 - Cambiare Adesso
11 - British
12 - Diego Armando Maradona
13 - Taki Taki
14 - Pussy (feat. Lazza & Salmo)
15 - Amiri Boys (feat. Capo Plaza)
16 - Gang Shit (feat. Capo Plaza)
17 - Sex On The Beach
18 - Splash
19 - Biberon (feat. Drefgold & Anna)
20 - Savage (feat. Tedua)
21 - Bassotto
22 - Dark
23 - 4l (feat. Mambolosco)
24 - Dark Love Gang (feat. Ketama126)
25 - Toy Boy
26 - Young Rich Gang
27 - Tic Tac
28 - C C (feat. Pyrex, Wayne)
29 - #freetraffik (feat. Traffik & Oni One)
30 - Speedrunner
31 - Gang
32 - Glock (feat. Drefgold & Giaime)
33 - Intro
34 - No Stupid (feat. Boro Boro & Samurai Jay)
35 - Luxory
36 - Fiori D'erba
37 - Che Bello Essere Dark
38 - Flex
39 - Sexy Gang
40 - Bello Figo Dark
41 - Cobain
42 - Marilyn Manson
43 - Sosa