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Tha Supreme

Davide Mattei (born 17 March 2001), known by his stage name tha Supreme or Thasup, is an Italian rapper, singer and producer from Fiumicino.
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Dimmi Che C’è Ft. Tedua
R()t()nda Ft. Tiziano Ferro
Thasup - !ly (visual Video) Ft. Coez



What are Tha Supreme's songs about?

Tha Supreme, known as Thasup, turns the Italian trap scene upside down with his visual songs, with many featuring with many famous Italian artists from other genres, like Salmo, Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Lazza...If you are looking for the latest hip- hop to hear, then look no further than Tha Supreme. This Italian hip-hop artist has gained immense popularity in his country and beyond due to his unique sound and catchy lyrics. But who is Tha Supreme, what kind of music does he make and what themes do his songs focus on? Let's find out!

Style and sound of Tha Supreme's songs
Tha Supreme creates a unique blend of hip-hop, trap and rap music that combines traditional Italian sounds with contemporary styles. He often uses synthesizers to create a dreamy atmosphere in his songs, coupled with pounding beats. He also incorporates elements of other genres such as EDM, R&B, reggaeton, soul and funk into his songs. His distinct style has earned him a large following in Italy and abroad

Thasup, song themes and lyrics
Tha Supreme's lyrics explore themes such as love, heartbreak, success and failure, family relationships, identity struggles, fame and its aftermath. He often talks about the importance of living in the moment and appreciating every experience in life. His lyrics are often personal, yet universal at the same time; many listeners can relate to them because it speaks to both individual experiences and collective experiences

In conclusion, Tha Supreme is an emerging Italian trapper whose unique style has won millions of fans around the world. His sound blends traditional Italian sonorities with modern trap beats, while his lyrics explore the themes of love, heartbreak, success/failure, and family dynamics that many people can relate to. If you are looking for something new to hear, try Tha Supreme! You will not be disappointed!
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1 - m8nstar
2 - oh 9od Feat. Nayt
3 - scuol4
4 - 5olo
5 - 6itch
6 - Pers0na2 - Feat. Gemitaiz, Madman
7 - Gua10 - Feat. Lazza
8 - Parano1a K1d - Feat. Fabri Fibra
9 - Ch1 5ei Te
10 - Occh1 Purpl3 - Feat. Marracash
11 - 2ollipop
12 - Sw1n6o - Feat. Salmo
13 - M12ano - Feat. Mara Sattei
14 - No14 - Feat. Dani Faiv
15 - Fuck 3x
16 - Blun7 A Swishland
17 - Blun7 A Swishland (matt Joe Remix)
18 - Thasup - Mi @mi O è F@ke (visual Video)
19 - Thasup - C!ao (visual Video) Ft. Rondodasosa
20 - Thasup - S!r! (visual Video) Ft. Lazza, Sfera Ebbasta
21 - Thasup - B@by Nel Bed (visual Video)
22 - Thasup - R!va (visual Video) Ft. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari
23 - Thasup - Rock \u0026 Rolla (visual Video) Ft. Rkomi
24 - Thasup - Ye@h (visual Video) Ft. Shiva
25 - Thasup - Mar+e (visual Video)
26 - Thasup - W()ah (visual Video)
27 - Thasup - _bilico_ (visual Video)
28 - Thasup - !ly (visual Video) Ft. Coez
29 - R()t()nda Ft. Tiziano Ferro
30 - Dimmi Che C’è Ft. Tedua